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Life Lesson learned in only 30 days.


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Today is Day 31 for me.  I honestly cannot believe I was able to make it through 30 days.  And I can't believe I actually enjoyed it!  When I first started and brought the idea up to my mom, she said I was crazy.  I asked my husband to join along for the ride and he agreed.  We ate fairly "clean" (in our minds) but relied heavily on grains - oats, brown rice, whole wheat, etc.  Also were the usual two a day protein shake.  I would have one after I worked out, and one before bed.  I was also a Stevia lover.  I thought I was doing the right thing by switching from Splenda to Stevia.  My husband was addicted to Mcdonalds and Reese's cups. 


I also understand that we aren't perfect.  My husband ate a lot of fruit for 30 days, in place of the Reese's he had given up.  Today is Day 31 and I've indulged in candied pecans.  Why?  Because my sugar dragon is so very much alive.  I still am having a big war going on inside my head.  I am starting up my second Whole30 on Friday and have a couple friends that will join. 


I will continue to cook and serve my family Whole30 meals.  I will continue to fight with my kids and wean them off of their morning cereal.  I am proud of completing my first Whole30 and the results it gave me.  I am a much happier, less stressed, mom and wife.  There is so many positive aspects I have learned in 30 days and I cannot thank this program enough.  Here are my results:


day 1 - day 30

Weight: 144 - 139 (-5)
Waist: 31 - 31 (0)
Love handles: 35 - 34.5 (-.5)
Hips: 38.5 - 36 (-2.5)
Left thigh : 24.5 - 24 (-.5)
Right thigh: 24.25 - 23.5 (-.75)
Left arm: 12 - 11 (-1)
Right arm: 11.5 - 11 (-.5)
Neck: 13 - 12.25 (-.75)

I lost 6.5 inches and 5 pounds. I went from a size 10 to a size 6/8.  Very happy with my results. 


ETA: a before/after picture.  Please dont mind my hair in the first picture .. just got done playing a game of lacrosse.


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