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Starting my W30 tomorrow in UK


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Hello all,

I'm going to be doing my first W30 starting tomorrow. I've eaten paleo before, but got caught up firstly in a culture of weekly cheat meals - which kept awakening my sugar dragons; then more recently I was recommended to eat more bread, pasta and grains to aid my training - instead I just bloat up and feel dreadful.

I'm going to be reading the book today - but I think the main difficulty will be in pre and post workout nutrition, as well as preparing ahead of time.

Looking forward to it though.

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Hiya and welcome to another euro :)

My husband is a runner and buys into the whole carb malarky, eating his humongous bowl of muesli every morning!

Have you looked at paleo for athletes by cordain too? Mind you, you are prob fine with iswf, such a great book.

Best of luck with your w30

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