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let me get this straight....

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So, I just started reading this today and I have a few questions...

What to eat seems very clear to me but when and how much doesn't seem to be as strict... am I right?

It says try not to snack between meals if you can help it.... that's not very clear.

Then there is a pre an post workout snack suggestion.

If I'm reading this correctly, this program is more about what you're putting into your mouth rather than when or how much?

Although they say eat three meals a day.  Does that mean snacks in between are a deal breaker unless you're working out?

Would love some clarification.  Would hate to get started on my 30 days and realize I wasn't doing it correctly.


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I'm no expert, but I think the general timing guidelines are:


- Meal 1 within 1 hour of waking to start a normal hormonal pattern for the day.

- Eat enough to be able to go 4-5 hours between meals.

- Don't eat within a few hours of going to bed.

- Check the meal template for information on pre- and post-workout mini-meals.  I have yet to incorporate exercise into my plan.  :-(


I've read many posts where people talk about it being ok to snack if you are really and truly hungry (many of us use the "would I happily scarf down fish and broccoli right now?" test to see if it's really hunger).  Many people seem to find that they need to snack early in the process and then find that need diminishes over time.


A few caveats that I've picked up from this site:


1) Instead of snacky-type foods, try for mini-meals (i.e., some protein, veg and fat) - yes, nuts are on the OK list, but having a handful of nuts every afternoon is not really in the spirit of the plan

2) If you find you need to snack, take a look at what you've been eating and/or post that information here to see what others think.  Many people find that they need to eat a rather large breakfast with plenty of fat and maybe starchy veg in order to avoid feeling snacky all day.

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