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Started June 4 - Day 3 down!


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Hello all,


I wasn't  able to post at the time I was starting my 30, so thought I would jump in now and "commit".


All is going well, but a bit tired today - hope tomorrow is better! Finding that I am thinking about food all the time, i.e. what I need to prepare etc so that takes getting used to. Like that I've tried three new recipes this week though :)


Planning ahead for next week, I have to travel and have 4 days of meetings at a hotel. I've emailed the hotel asking whether they can do special orders for lunch at the meetings (rather than sandwiches) as I'm on a "strict dietary regime" and they are very accommodating - they are even putting a mini-fridge in my room so I can bring my own stuff. Seems like the world wants me to succeed...well a least a few folks :0


Anyone else out there finishing Day 3?




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