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Started June 4 - Day 3 down!


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Hello all,


I wasn't  able to post at the time I was starting my 30, so thought I would jump in now and "commit".


All is going well, but a bit tired today - hope tomorrow is better! Finding that I am thinking about food all the time, i.e. what I need to prepare etc so that takes getting used to. Like that I've tried three new recipes this week though :)


Planning ahead for next week, I have to travel and have 4 days of meetings at a hotel. I've emailed the hotel asking whether they can do special orders for lunch at the meetings (rather than sandwiches) as I'm on a "strict dietary regime" and they are very accommodating - they are even putting a mini-fridge in my room so I can bring my own stuff. Seems like the world wants me to succeed...well a least a few folks :0


Anyone else out there finishing Day 3?




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Hi, welcome to the W30. Kudos on talking to the hotel, hope everything goes well there. I remember the feeling of being obsessed with food when I first started. I felt as if I was checking everything and my life seemed to revole around, reading labels, cooking, eating and planning meals. Trust me, it does get easier as it goes on. Good luck and keep us posted about the trip.

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Hi all,

Day 15 and all going well. Hotel was really good about food which was great - had a (relatively) big empty fridge in my room waiting for me to put the food I'd packed in - luckily my flight was only an hour!


Still finding it somewhat difficult to plan food - I seem to buy a lot, but then don't have grand ideas on preparation, or it's too late to start something at night...I know, I should prepare on Sundays which I do to some extent but.... It seems to be getting a bit better though!


I do have to say that I've been a lot more tired than expected - still waiting for that burst of energy, but know it's coming!


Thanks to all for all the forum posts - topics are great to read up on!



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