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Favorite W30 Smoothie Recipe


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There are no Whole30 Smoothie recipes. Smoothies are discouraged, although they are not banned during a Whole30. There are multiple problems with smoothies. One is that liquid food digests quicker than whole foods, so a smoothie will not help your body feel full as long as whole foods. That leads to unnecessary hunger or eating more when you did not really need to be eating more. Second is that smoothies don't fit the meal template of a serving of protein, a serving of fat, and a lot of veggies very well. Most smoothies are high in sugar because they include too much fruit and few smoothies include an adequate serving of protein (almond milk just does not measure up to a palm-size portion of roast beef). Third, smoothies are widely embraced as health food, but are not much more healthy than McDonald's fries.


Consequently, this topic is closed. Move along people, there is nothing to see here. :)

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