W30 Round 2


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I confess that I have had a terrible time since I completed my first W30, which lasted a bit longer than 30 days. I am not sure why, but it kicked off three months of overeating, the likes of which I haven't experienced for over 25 years. 


It has taken me quite a while to get willing to try W30 again. For some reason, this seems much more daunting than it did the first time. 


I do know some things I didn't do well the first time. I did not eat big breakfasts on a regular basis. I am going to try to do a better job with that.


I started today with one whole zucchini, two vidalia onions shredded and sauteed in bacon fat with four eggs. I am beyond full and fingers crossed that I make it through the first day.

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I am also on my 2nd round.  I had 3 days from the end of my first round and the beginning of my second round -  and i stuffed my face like crzy.  I put myself through terrible stomach pain for no reason.


Dont look at it as daunting!  I am so happy I am going to be eating well again.  All I have to do is think of the way I felt after eating those bad foods.


I think you did well at breakfast.  good luck!

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Thanks very much for your kind words. I am afraid I did not make it - I ended up eating in the evening and I know why - I skipped lunch because I was not hungry and did not have food prepared.


I am going to try again today - I am going to prepare food today. I know it helped me last time to have food already prepared. I have free organic produce coming out of my ears thanks to my garden. I am not feeling well so it is hard to muster up the energy to cook. I found some simple soup recipes I will try. And salads.


And I made it through today. It was not perfect at all - we were out of meat and eggs. But I ate three meals and I am finishing the day without sugar, grain or any of the other baddies. I will consider this my warm-up. I want to do it right from now on.


Breakfast was a bizarre salad of diced cucumber, frozen blueberries and pumpkin seeds with lemon fish oil.


I made a huge vat of soup made of zucchinis, yellow squash, onions and kohlrobi with bay leaf and sea salt. I pureed it and refrigerated it. It is delicious cold. So for lunch and dinner I sauteed pollack with coconut oil, almond flour and spices and crumbled it hot into the cold soup. Very good and filling. 


I am very grateful for this start.

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Well, I can't say day 2 has been easy. I fell asleep at 11 last night and woke at 4 in utter pain. It is bizarre to me that my leg pain is worst when I do W30. I took some tylenol and by 7, I had a full blown migraine. I was very nauseated and even smells were making me heave. I made a smoothie of cucumbers, a small apple, and pumpkin seeds and kept it down. 


Lunch was not so wretched. I ate cucumber and basil salad with homemade vinnegrette, a bowl of cold zucchini and kohlrabi soup, and cold shrimp. 


Bright side: Not struggling with the sugar dragon because I am too ill.

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