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Help! the magic went away!!

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This is a bit long but I want to give the whole picture so you can help me figure it out.


On Day 9 I thought I was over the hump.  I woke up with energy and was motivated the whole day to get stuff done around the house.  I felt amazing.  I've had some issues with getting 8 hours of sleep consistently.  My husband is super busy with a new business thats taking off.  I have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old.  So we've had a few days that ran too late and then we had to get up with the kids.  Day 9 was the 2nd day of less than 8 hours.


Day 10 was the 3rd day of less than 8 hours and i could tell it was affecting me but i still felt pretty good all in all.  Better than i usually do when im sleep deprived and dont feel like getting off the couch.  I still worked out.  Still did a bunch of stuff.  Day 11 i got 8 1/2 hours but i felt worse.  less energy and less motivation.


Now its day 12 and i dont know whats going on.  I feel so tired and sluggish and moody almost like pms but its not time for that yet. I cant stop yawning! And i got 9 hours last night.  I feel overwhelmed with all the meals and meal prep and meal clean up AND trying to get the house straightened up and stay ahead of the kids with their messes. Plus they are just wearing me out i think. My little girl... its like she's been replaced by some alien.  So naughty and sassy lately!  but i dont really think thats the whole story. because ive had plenty of other times where i can just do what needs to be done because i have energy even though its all piling up.  



Breakfast is weird.  Its like no matter what i eat, i get hungry after!  today i had bacon (compliant) (a lot, like 4 big strips or something) 3 eggs with coconut milk zucchini, yellow squash and spinach cooked in the pan after the bacon and grease were removed and a small cup of grapes.  and some green tea.  I tried to make sure i had plenty of fat and it was like a half plate of vegetables.  But it was like an hour ago and i feel sluggish and just dont want to do anything!  and i have this like hollow feeling.  its not full blast hunger but its not a comfortable satisfied feeling either.  its like phantom hunger or something.
I've had this for quite a few days and i keep tweaking it.  I've tried adding ham.  Sweet potato.  plantain.   berries.  I still get hungry soon.  I wonder if its because sometimes i wake up earlier like to pee or something with the kids and then i go back to sleep but sometimes it takes me a few minutes to go back to sleep.  So maybe the clock of eating within an hour after waking starts running then?  and then when i do get up, it takes me awhile to get breakfast on the table because I'm prepping and cooking for 4 people plus dealing with the kids and whatever issue or attention they need. So are my hormones still messed up because I'm not eating soon enough? 
Or is it because I dont have a consistent bed time and waking time?  
Or am i eating too much sugar through fruit?  I had berries for breakfast yesterday and a little bit of watermelon after lunch and dinner.  I know its not ideal but im not having sugar cravings so i thought it wasnt a big deal.  I'm just trying to get in enough food to not feel hungry.  I havent quite figured out portion size yet when im cooking because im always cooking for four.  I always have plenty of vegetables too.  Plus I'm dealing with long term constipation and my bathroom habits have not become regular yet so I thought maybe fruit would help that process.
i blew off working out again today.  i just dont have the energy.  i have to clean the whole house and cook a bunch of stuff cuz my daugher is having a birthday tomorrow and i feel like I'm made of lead. Just dont want to move!  i thought i was over this hump!!!  im freaked out by it.  One of the main reasons I wanted to do this is because i never have any energy and i cant afford to be incapacitated when i have a house to run and 2 small children.  I was feeling so good about this 2 days ago and now i feel so discouraged.  Like I'm never going to get the answer to my issues.  I believe the program works.  i just cant figure out how to do it properly.  it seems simple but nothing is ever simple for me. I need a whole30 life coach or something. Do those exist??
I want to go back to how i felt 3 days ago!  I cant live like this. 
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Ugh.  I'm sorry you're feeling so sluggish.  I have little kids, too, so I know how trying they can be, even when you have energy.  I'm sure others will chime in on this, but a few thoughts:


- from reading peoples' posts, it seems like a midway slump is common as bodies adjust.  Adding starchy carbs at least once per day is a common suggestion.  I know you have tried adding SPs, but maybe there were other factors keeping you feeling low.


- I've read several comments from people saying they do better (i.e., are more satiated, less snacky throughout day, tummies feel better) with meat as their morning protein rather than eggs and that they can't have fruit early in the day. 


- There've been several posts recently about constipation.  Perhaps some of the suggestions there will work for you.


Good luck.

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I feel your frustration, I'm on day 18 and having all symptoms you are exsperiancing. I'm wiped out, I don't sleep enough but I didn't days ago and still had energy and was in great mood. I was also thinking this morning am i eating to much and if that is making me feel sluggish. I hope this is just the phase where our bodies are adjusting and it will pass away.


Hang in there we can do this. :)

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You sound very stressed and overwhelmed. I agree with everything ABS2013 said.

Other thoughts:
- You mentioned that you wanted to do this 'because you never have any energy.' Have you been tested for any vitamin/mineral deficiencies?

- For portion sizes, the meal template is your bible. http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf 

- Have you tried anything to help manage stress?  e.g., focused breathing, meditation, take a walk around the block. 

- Are you drinking enough water throughout the day? 

- Re: your fruit question, avoid having it by itself ... only have it along with a meal, and at 1-2 servings per day. If you're hungry between  meals, drink water, or tea, or have a snack of a protein and fat.

- For your daughter's party, try not to aim for perfection. Pick one or two priorities for the day and let everything else go.  What will best help her enjoy herself and you as well?


Best to you - hope you find a way to hang in there, and that you ultimately realize the results you seek.

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Ugh that's terrible.  I would try all the food stuff suggested by others, but on a mental note:


I would try to focus on how much you are accomplishing, sometimes that helps me get motivated even if I'm sluggish.  I give myself a little mental high five for doing really simple things like taking out the trash and it really does seem to help sometimes.  You should also get a real five high from people you know for making a life change like this in the midst of your seemingly hectic life.  Way to go!

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thanks for the responses so far


- i do only have fruit at meal time.  usually 2 meals

- i am pretty stressed out.  but i do have coping mechanisms that i use

- i try to follow the meal template but i find it challenging.  protein size is no problem.  tons of veg got it.  but im cooking for 4 people.  i have no idea how much of the oil I cook with I'm actually consuming.  I feel like I cook with a lot of oil.  but i dont know how much i actually eat.  I'm constantly paranoid that is too much or not enough.  I even posted about it but I'm still confused.  The responses are "follow the meal template" and "listen to your body" but i find that contradictory.  Do I limit myself to what the template says even though I feel like I could eat more?  And also... im just really unsure how much oil that im cooking with im eating and i have no idea how to figure that out without cooking everything i eat separate from the rest of the food and i dont have time for that!  im struggling with how much time i spend in the kitchen as it is. See!  i over-complicate everything.  its how my brain works.  i cant help it.  feel bad for my husband.  he gets the worst of it.

- i have had bloodwork done several times and everything always comes back totally normal.  i even went to a naturopath a few months ago and she suggested i do something similar to this although her suggestion was eliminate eggs and keep legumes.  not sure why.  



its just weird because 3 days ago i woke up and it was like everything clicked.  the magic was there definitely!  i felt like hugging melissa and dallas.  i thought i was getting somewhere for the first time in a long time.  but im just back where i was now.  


maybe its entirely physiological.  I'm REALLY challenged by my kids right now.  We're stuck at home without a vehicle, although i dont feel like going anywhere with them anyway and cant break away from the kitchen long enough even if i want to.  They are constantly fighting, arguing, wrestling, shrieking and just demanding attention.  i mean thats life with 2 kids under age 5.  I put most of my energy into keeping them occupied, breaking up fights over toys and cleaning up after them.  I mean maybe this is the best i can hope for right now.


I know this sounds really negative.  I'm a really honest and open person and if people aren't used to it, it can come off the wrong way i think.  I hope it doesnt sound like I'm miserable and hate my life because I'm not and I don't.  It's just really important to me to have enough energy to keep up with all this, otherwise i get buried under it.  

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This might help. It's from It Starts with Food, pages 195 - 196.

"fat is probably going to be the meal-planning factor you experiment with the most, depending on your current health condition, your size, and your goals. Here is the basic rule for experimentation: Feel free to add more than our recommended quantities, but never add less. .... Remember, it's not about fat grams or calories, it's about hormones. Your delicate hormone balance will be thrown off if you're chronically underfeeding yourself - plus you'll be hungry all the time , and your energy levels will take a dive, and you'll be cranky because you're tired and hungry."

So, you have permission to experiment with fat, using more than the meal template recommends. I hope this helps.


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I really feel for you!  Here is my short two-cents:


1) Do the best you can with sleep and stress.  Life is crazy with kids!  Some days are better than others.

2) Don't worry so much about the amount of fat.  If you are crazy hungry inbetween meals and you know you got enough protein/veggies, then experiment with increasing the amount of fat. 

3) I think it is common to have days of magic followed by days that are not so great.  I would have days where I felt on top of the world and then BAM! I would be weepy and hungry/angry the next day.  The longer you follow the lifestyle, the easier the ups and downs become.  Your body is going through a lot of changes, especially if you weren't eating well before starting W30.

4) Stay on the forum for support - you are not going through this process alone!


Good luck!

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