Day 30! Done :D

Dawn Mason

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Well I'm not really done. My husband (beer drinking, biscuit eating, bread addicted) started his whole30 today after seeing my results, so I'm going to continue on, at least for a couple of weeks. I have vague plans for a gluten free cake on the 21st when i go to meet some friends for coffee and cake, but will see how I feel when I see the cake ;)


I know the scales aren't important, and I've hidden them away again now until my husband uses them in 30 days but as I'd done a before, I thought it would be worth doing an after.

Starting weight:- 15 stone 12lbs / 222lbs.
Waist:- 115cm
Arm:- 33cm

Day 30 weight:- 15 stone / 210lbs. - Loss :12lbs
Waist:- 96cm - Loss - 19cm
Hips:-115cm - Loss - 10cm
Thigh:-61cm - Loss - 5cm
Arm:- 30cm - Loss - 3cm

Overall loss of 37cm. :)

My photos are here on my blog - but a comparison pic is here . Before on the top, After at the bottom.




Most importantly, I feel fantastic. I'm more active - running several times a week, my energy levels are through the roof, I haven't needed any pain relief and a multitude of other benefits. I can't see myself ever reverting to the trash I was eating before.

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Congrats on your success!  Thank you for sharing!  I am really impressed that you are ready to continue.  It is awesome that you have inspired your husband to improve his health.  The results of this lifestyle speak for themselves.  Well done!  ;)

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great job ! I finished my 2nd Whole 30 three days before my husband decided to start his 2nd, so I just jumped on the bandwagon for #3 ! It's great to be doing this together-and makes life a lot simpler !

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