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Colleen & David's First Whole30 Log (started 6/23/12)

Colleen Roy

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Well, we are officially half way through our first Whole30. We are both doing well-sleeping better, feeling better-lighter for sure and clothes are fitting better. I think I am feeling a little better than my husband, David though and I'm wondering if he's eating enough? Today was not a good day for either of us-felt pretty tired and blah all day. I had a killer headache from the moment I woke up-tried coffee, water, food, nap...nothing worked until I broke down and took some aspirin. Still there, lurking behind my eyes, but better.

Thought I'd start keeping a log for the remaining 15 days just to see what others think. We are both running a half marathon the day we end Whole30-a little concerned that we won't have the fuel in the tank at this point based on our current energy levels. The longest run I've done since I've started this is 11 miles-and that was on day 3. He's done a 9 miler. Going to try a 14 miler tomorrow morning...

Today's Food Journal:

PW snack: leftover sweet potato, steak & onion hash, coffee with coconut milk x2 (just me)

Alas, planned workout never happened...headache making me feel lousy...laid on couch and watched morning news programs instead...

Meal 1: Me: 1 egg, sweet potato & onion hash, water

David: 3 eggs, sweet potato & onion hash, coffee x2

Meal 2: Um....slept through it? We ate Meal 1 pretty late in the morning...

Snack: sliced peppers, celery and cukes

Meal 3: Ginger Lime Grilled Chicken Thighs x2, Cauliflower Rice Pilaf w/diced peppers, onion & garlic, Coconut Almond Green Beans. Used coconut oil for both veggies.

Snack: small bowl of diced pineapple & canteloupe with mint.

I've been really good about eating 3 meals a day and have a snack between meal 2 & 3 or after meal 3 if I'm still hungry. Today wasn't a good day to start looking for feedback! :huh:

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You may not be eating enough and especially not enough protein. For reference, I ate 6 eggs for meal 1 this morning and I weigh 192 pounds. I usually eat 4 eggs, but a few of them were small, so I made it 6 today. There is no protein in your snacks, just veggies and fruit. That gives you some nutrients and some fiber, but not much energy or building blocks for muscle. In addition to protein, you may need to up your fat intake too - olives, avocado, etc. I would bet these tweaks would give you more energy.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Up at 6:30am

Two cups of coffee with coconut cream

2 hard boiled eggs

12 mile long, slow run-was REALLY hard. Granted, it was 73 degrees when I started and 84 when I stopped...I got it done.

Post workout meal: 1/4 canteloupe wrapped in proscuitto

Meal 1: Leftover grilled chicken thighs x 2, coconut almond green beans, cauliflower rice pilaf

At this point, it was 2:30pm...

Meal 2:

Grilled pork chop with pineapple/jalapeno/ red pepper salsa-drizzled with olive oil, grilled zucchini and red, yellow & orange peppers.

It's 8:00 pm. Not going to get three meals in today, even though I know I should. Will try to eat a few hard boiled eggs in about an hour.

I am thoroughly annoyed with my husband right now...he ate NOTHING before going on a 13 mile run and only at 1/4 canteloupe with proscuitto after his run. He did eat the same dinner (meal 2) as me. I don't know why he seems to think that NOT eating is the right thing to do.

So, today, this is just Colleen's Food Log. :angry:

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Meal 1:

Two fried eggs with sweet potato & onion hash, half an avocado

2 cups coffee with coconut milk

Snack-canteloupe & pineapple

Munched on kale chips that I made too-interesting, though I'm not sure I'll make them a lot. They do satisfy that need for crunchy & salty if you're in the mood for that!

Meal 2:

one grilled chicken thigh, coconut almond green beans and cauliflower rice pilaf

Snack before run: unsweetened cinnamon organic applesauce

Ran 8 miles (didn't mean to! Was supposed to just run 2.5 miles in a 5 mile relay-we ran down to the race (2 miles easy pace), I ran the first 2 mile leg, then ran easy back to the start/finish to meet my running partner. We ran back to her place to get my car after the race...) I'm happy that I felt so good after running 12 miles yesterday!

Meal 3: Meat/spinach muffin with salsa, half a sliced cucumber, half a grilled zucchini, yellow pepper. A few kale chips.

I ate meal 2 late (lost track of time out in the garden this afternoon) and I didn't get home from the relay race until 9:00. I hated to eat that late, but I was hungry, so I think I made a good choice with a light meal. Glad I had those meat muffins ready to go in the fridge! They are definitely better with salsa!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Meal 1: Leftover grilled chicken thigh, coconut almond green beans and 2 cups of coffee with coconut milk

Meal 2: 1/4 canteloupe wrapped in proscuitto & a handful of almonds (I know, I know-no veggies....wasn't hungry at all, so I just ate light...)

Meal 3: HUGE garden salad with baby lettuce, arugula, cherry tomatoes, celery, carrots, red onion, red, yellow & orange peppers and a home made olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. 6 shrimp with home made cocktail sauce (organic, sugar free ketchup, horseradish, lemon and pepper)

No workout today (except a few hours of gardening and cuddling a 2 month old baby....yum! Love the way babies smell!) Visited with my neighbor (had to give him the 5 beers that have been taunting us in our fridge!). He's a chef. We talked about ways to prepare vegetables-he gave me a million ideas along with two books to peruse. We also talked about opening a restaurant. Something I've always wanted to do!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Meal 1: Two fried eggs, sweet potato hash with chorizo & onion, 2 cups coffee with coconut milk

Snack: handful of cashews

Meal 2: BIG garden salad with lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, red onion, carrots, celery and balsamic vinaigrette. Shrimp with home made cocktail sauce (sugar free ketchup, horseradish, lemon)

Meal 3: Taco salad with ground beef, onions, peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes

Snack: canteloupe, strawberries & blueberries with chopped mint

Having some serious cravings today...would really like some dessert. Went for a walk with the dogs after dinner. The fruit was tasty, but didn't quite hit the spot....11 more days. I can do this. I WANT to do this!

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Ah, but you get to enjoy the same types of food in IRELAND! I dream of visiting Ireland some day! Do you dream of visiting southern NH? It's really lovely-especially in the fall. Maybe we can trade houses for a week-though, you'll have to have similar taste in spazzy labrador retrievers-we have two! ;)

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Meal 1: Two grilled chicken thighs, leftover broccoli salad, two cups of coffee with coconut milk

Meal 2: Two italian sausages, peppers & onions (I was out to lunch with friends and not very hungry-we were at a pizza/pasta place...I ordered my "sub" with no bread, no cheese, no side dish....)

Snack: 6 dried figs while I prepped Meal 3:

Meal 3: Best ever Grilled Chicken breast from Well Fed, chili-lime grilled zucchini and cumin-roasted carrots. YUM.

It's hot here in NH, so I'm laying low in the AC, working on my online summer class and researching places to eat in Portland, ME next weekend-we are running a half marathon there on the 22nd and will be spending two nights up there-first time in Portland-can't wait! The race is on our day 30, so we plan on behaving as much as possible while eating out on Saturday, the 21st, but will most definitely be celebrating our 29.5/30 days and an awesome race with a frosty mug of Allagash White Ale from the Allagash Brewing Co., right there in Portland. Can't wait! :wub: And I might even have something dessert like that night....

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Slept in and lingered over my coffee...late breakfast!

Meal 1: Sweet potato hash with seasoned ground beef and half an avocado

Busy afternoon out and about...drank lots of water

Meal 2: Steak, mashed sweet potatoes with clarified butter & coconut milk, broccolini (new veggie number 3!) I liked it-nice and tender and easy to cook.

And that was it! Oops.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pre workout: small portion of sweet potato hash with seasoned ground beef & half an avocado, coffee with coconut milk

Hot and sweaty 6 mile run

Post workout/Meal 1: Grilled chicken thigh, canteloupe & blueberries (enjoyed while floating on the lake in my kayak!)

Meal 2: Half a left over grilled chicken breast, broccoli salad

Meal 3: Spaghetti squash with tomato sauce-made with organic crushed tomatoes, onions, peppers and local sausage. Yum. It's not pasta, but it's tasty. A little shredded parmesan would be really tasty on this and I'll be doing this post Whole30 for sure.

Did a bunch more yard work in preparation for installing our hot tub. We need to move a fence, dig up the area it's going, level and pour a concrete pad...I'm tired. Those weeds are pesky.

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Oh my gosh Derval-I will be a lucky thing if it ever gets installed! It's been sitting in my back yard since January!!!! :angry: Hopefully, we'll get the concrete pad poured sometime in the next week and then we can call the electrician to run the line. Like most home improvements around here-this one is taking ten times longer than it should!

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Meal 1: Sweet potato hash with seasoned ground beef, 2 eggs and 1/4 an avocado

Meal 2: Spaghetti squash with tomato sauce (organic crushed tomatoes, peppers, onions & italian sausage), half a cucumber and 1/8 a canteloupe.

Pre-workout snack: mashed sweet potatoes with a few ounces of grilled steak

5K trail race tonight-good grief was it hot and humid out there! 90 degrees to start the race. Just ran it easy tonight.

Meal 3: Cold plate with siiced peppers, sugar snap peas, carrots, celery and grilled chicken with a little Sunshine Sauce. YUM.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meal 1: Two eggs, leftover broccolini and half an avocado. 2 cups coffee with coconut milk

Meal 2: Sliced veggies-celery, red, yellow & orange peppers, carrots, sugar snap peas and 2 sliced grilled chicken thighs with a side of Sunshine Sauce (if you haven't tried this recipe, I highly recommend it! It's in Well Fed)

Meal 3: Half a Best Grilled Chicken Breast, cumin roasted carrots and grilled zucchini

Four more days....I had a very strong moment of weakness when I dropped my daughter off after a few hours kayaking-I knew my husband would be home late and I had gotten into the habit of meeting a friend for dinner and a drink on Tuesdays near the end of the school year-gave that up when we started our Whole30-came dangerously close to calling her and careening off road in a big way....but, I didn't! Came home and poured myself a glass of ginger lemon seltzer water and heated up dinner. I can do this!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meal 1: Fritatta with italian sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, mixed pepper and onions, 2 cups coffee with coconut milk

Meal 2: Leftover spaghetti squash with home made tomato sauce, italian sausage, peppers & onions. Canteloupe & blueberries

Meal 3: Pan seared tilapia with cajun spices, cauliflower rice with onions & chipotle peppers, salad.

Feeling my willpower declining these last few days....it's weird, I know it's just a temporary craving and if I indulge, I will likely be disappointed and will feel crappy. I've made it this far, I'll make it the 30 days. We are heading to Portland,ME for a long weekend and are planning our "off-roading" carefully. Only one or two things, in moderation per day allowed. Like Master Yoda says, we must choose wisely...will be jumping back on the Whole9 highway upon our return.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meal 1: 1/4 frittatta with italian sausage, sundried tomatoes, peppers & onions, 2 cups coffee with coconut cream and canteloupe and blueberries

Meal 2: 2 grilled chicken thighs, leftover cauliflower rice with onions and chipotle peppers.

Meal 3: grilled pork tenderloin, mashed sweet potatoes and salad

3 mile run this afternoon was harder than I expected. I realized that I was a little dehydrated (was a workshop for school in a flippin' refrigerator all day and didn't drink as much water as I normally do-I swear the AC was set at 50 degrees!) It was also warmer than I thought it was-even though it was cooler than the last few days, it was still warm to run in! Oh well. At least I ran! Willpower was not an issue at all today. No cravings-wasn't even tempted by the bagels and cream cheese at the workshop!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Meal 1: (cooked by my husband while I was in the shower-how sweet is he?) Fried egg, sliced pork tenderloin, mashed sweet potatoes, 3 cups of coffee with coconut cream. Yes, I know....3? What the heck? I didn't need that 3rd cup-and I can't even remember ever having 3 cups before, but I enjoyed it on my drive to school nonetheless.

Meal 2: A mish-mosh of what was quick to grab this morning: sliced pork tenderloin, sliced cukes, sugar snap peas, organic applesauce.

Meal 3: Broiled salmon with a red curry coconut sauce, broccolini with garlic & crushed red pepper, diced sweet potatoes with onions.

I totally over cooked the salmon...hate it when I do that. Still not sure about red curry-this is the second recipe I've made with it and I can't decide if I like it or not...

Heading to Portland, Maine for the weekend tomorrow-staying till Monday. Looking forward to a weekend away and ending our whole30 up there with a celebratory beer after we finish the Old Port Half Marathon on Sunday! Not planning to go TOO far off-road while we are away, but we will indulge a little. We both plan on jumping right back in when we get home. Not throwing all these great results out the door-no way!

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