Shalom! Day 4 of Whole30 - Key part of much-needed life-change!


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Hi there!

I am on Day 4 along with my mom, and I can't stress enough how much I am enjoying learning about Paleo and Whole30.

I became active at CrossFit in Tel Aviv this past spring and have been meaning to try Paleo but needed some support back home in Israel. I'm visiting my mom in the US and finally the perfect scenario to begin!

Additionally, my mom and I both needed to push the reset button on life. The impact of CrossFit, specifically the amazing folks in Tel Aviv, could not be underestimated. Love them! Love their support! Yet, I needed to take care of all of me. Stress recently dissipated my appetite leaving me little energy for any WOD much to my dismay. I decided to carpe diem upon landing on US soil and use this holiday here as time to get my sh*t together to feel better and be who I wanted.

Meanwhile, my mom has been struggling with weight her whole life, and the past few months especially. We both needed the mental boost you can only get from getting your physical well-being in order. When I explained the Paleo diet, this Southern cookbook author saw the light, it seems! She's feeling so good so quickly that sleeping and digestion aids, among other things, are not needed. Her clothes already feel different. Bear in mind, we started eating Paleo a few days before beginning Whole30. She feels energetic in the midst of a major upcoming event in two weeks that she co-founded with all the last-minute crises you could imagine. So proud of her! And so happy that she's seeing results and reaping both the physical and mental rewards so quickly!

As for me, I am hoping that Whole30 returns my lost energy, reshapes my body and allows me to dive back into CrossFit and change my body for the better - for the long-term! And, I look forward to being this good example for my 9-year-old daughter. Children learn from modeling, so I am doing my part via CrossFit and now Paleo to help make her physical being strong, which in turn feeds her soul and makes her mentally healthy. I certainly could have used that for those teen years!

Excited to learn from folks on the forum and to share tips that make this huge life-change easier!






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Shalom! What a wonderful gift you are giving the women in your life. Modeling for both mother and daughter, how cool is that! I wish you both great success on this journey. I'm on Day 39 of a WholeWhatever. My sleep has dramatically improved. I love how good I feel, but I did have a few rough days long the way. This forum is fantastic. You will find a lot of support here.

Happy vacation!

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Good luck Karen!

My mum is fighting her second lot of cancer, 30 years later than the first. She is overweight and has diabetes. Her doctor gave her a diet to follow that is tough but works. I looked at it and it is the same as mine (whole9) with the exception of fat (mine is mod fat, the doctor one suggests low fat). We had a long chat about the changes she could make and what she could cook and I was able to give her lots of ideas. I suggested she includes olive oil in her cooking at least. I hope she gives it a go and that I can help her. Meanwhile I am taking her for her chemo treatments once a week and bringing a whole30 lunch for us both plus a meal or two for the freezer so that will help too. I am on my third whole30. I have really progressed but am still working on skin and meal frequency/volume issues. My sugar dragon is dead though! I also am glad to be modelling healthy eating for my kids, similar age to yours. They are carb addicts but eating more paleo/less grains gradually.

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Hi there,

Good luck with your mum. I'm sure that's tough. It certainly reiterates how important it is to take care of yourself as the best gift for your kids. I hope these changes bring your mum good health and healing.

I was just talking to my mum about how to make changes once I head home to Israel and need to help bring my boyfriend and daughter on board. I am sure overnight change will not work, especially when the American Bakery is our home away from home and extended family. Oh my! If I didn't have CrossFit Kids, I think it would be a lot harder for my daughter. Hoping it will help reinforce our healthy eating!

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