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Finally doing it!


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Hey guys!

So I've known about Whole9 now for a while and always was intrigued by the dramatic response and capacity for change brought on by the Whole30. I have never been what I would consider severely overweight, but I have not always been healthy.

I have basically gone from moderate fitness (childhood through 17yrs) to above average fitness (18-20y/o) and finally way down to not fit whatsoever where I am now (21yrs -present). I'm still roughly the same size I've always been. 120lbs, 5'2"..but after a long depression with no physical activity and bad eating habits, I find myself lacking in muscle mass more than I ever have been which is a big scare for me.

Basically my goal is to get fit again. Not really to lose weight or fit into smaller clothes. But I miss jogging daily and having fun with it. I miss being able to do pushups and not having flabby squishy spots on my arms and belly and legs where I never had any before. Even my face is chubby...There is nothing inherently wrong with any body type, I am just saying this is unnatural for me and I am personally disheartened by the fact that I stopped caring about myself so much.

I've always instinctively known I should eat real food and naturally came off caffeine and dairy a few years ago. I never liked sodas or fast food. I generally enjoy cooking real foods for myself regualrly. But I still had really bad habits.

I went through periods of calorie counting, restriction, even fasting which later lead to bingeing (mostly at night) and more fasting. Just nonsense. I stopped taking care of myself. Sleep is lost for me.

It's not always crazy. I know what I need to do and sometimes I really have good days. It's the days where apathy kicks in that get me down. I eat too much terrible food one day and Im actually pretty good at listening to the feedback my body gives me about it so I know I feel terrible and why. It's just an ugly cycle of hurting myself with food and not recovering before I do it again.

This whole30 is about making a firm commitment not to sell myself short. I want to be as healthy as possible because I know how it feels to thrive and now I'm just barely dragging along. I want that energy again. I want clear skin again. And I really want to get quality sleep consistently. I just want to be comfortable in my body, really. To have that zest for life again. And I know how important a role food will play in this.

Some specific fitness goals I have are getting back into jogging shape so it becomes a pleasure again and not a chore. I used to be on autopilot, rising with the sun (naturally! after a good nights sleep!!) and lacing up my sneakers. I never ran too hard just jogged and walked if I needed to, but it felt so good. Really love getting the oxygen pumping and blood flowing.

I also want to eventually be able to do real pullups. This is going to take some work but I know I can.

From what I believe to be a result of my inactivity, I have developed some aggravated spine/neck issues. I feel that if I got stronger a lot of those problems would resolve themselves naturally. So if anyone has back/neck/shoulder exercise suggestions, that would be very much appreciated.

Well I think I have gone on long enough here. I'm open to conversation and will be writing about my whole30 when i get the chance, or if I have a question. I don't forsee any troubles, but you never know. I live with my family who still eats the SAD so being surrounded by that doesn't help.. But I don't doubt that I can do this.

I've just never demanded it of myself. But I've had enough of compromising my health with bad decisions and lack of action. And I feel really lucky to have found this site.

Glad to be a part of the forum now. I'm sure I will learn a lot :]


Ps, I'm about to go to bed on day 2. I feel really good, my body is happy with me so far. Day 3 tomorrow. Not sure if I will just do 30. I figure I might as well go as long as practically possible before reintroducing.

*Also, searched the forum but didn't see anything so I'm wondering: can I have almond butter? ingredients are: dry roasted almonds, organic unrefined cane sugar (i know, sugar), palm oil, and sea salt. obviously not every day but maybe once a week with a banana as a treat?

(My mom just bought me a huge jar. i think her emotional attachment to food makes her think if i reject her food offerings it's somehow personal. sigh. I will try and explain to her what I am doing tomorrow. it does last a while though so maybe I'll just hide it from myself and wait 30 days until i open it.. :P)

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Hi Vicky, I'm finally making a start too. Tomorrow in fact. I've been tossing up for months when to start and i eat a paleo style diet anyway except for soy milk in my tea and coffee, smoothies etc. I haven't been ready to quit soy but I think it gives me eczema. So yeah I'm ready to give it a try. Good luck! And here's to us both. Jane

Ps. I'm in Australia but lets keep in touch

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Hey Vicky!!

I wish you the best of luck in your Whole30!

We have very similar stories about the restriction, bingeing, just not feeling like your best self lately, etc. And even having pull ups as a goal!

I'm starting my first Whole30 this coming Tuesday. I'm nervous because it will be tough with all of my famiys crappy food in the house but I'm extremely excited. Not just for the physical benefits, but also very much for the mental freedom from food.

Btw, doesn't sound like your almond butter is acceptable because of the sugar :( bummer! I'd wait until the end of your round for sure.

It sounds like you're doing well so far.id also love to keep in touch with eitherof y'all if any of us runs into any issues!


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Just to avoid confusion: you can have almond butter but only the kind that contains 100% almonds. Any form of sugar (including 'unrefined', agave nectar, honey, whatever...) is out for the next 30 days.

You're doing great Vicky, have fun!

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