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I did a Whole 22.  I started reintroducing grains early because my fall marathon training program was starting up and I had ZERO energy for running.  I'm happy with my decision and feel great.  Anyway, I'm now following paleo/Whole30 about 85% of the time, with added grains and other "treats" 15% of the time.  I went through one BCP pack while on my first "30" and had no problems with my skin.  I've actually never had any real problems.  Now, I am a week into the new package of pills and my face is a MESS.  I have tiny bumps all over my forehead and chin and they kind of itch.  The last time I looked like this was in college when I was on drugs to treat mono.  Does anyone think this is from (1) the BCP or (2) from a pretty decent upswing in alcohol and beer and sugar consumed over the past several days?  It is hard to say what the correlation is because the timing of everything is so close.  Last month my period came almost 10 days early while I was being very strict on the program - even though I was still taking my pills.  And then when I was on the placebo pills I had no bleeding at all.  I'm rather tempted to quit this pill pack - even just a week in - and see what happens.  (I'm not currently sexually active, so pregnancy isn't a concern.)  Anyone have any thoughts???  Thanks for your help.

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I can't imagine it would be the specific packet of pills, as they should be identical hormones to what you were taking before.


My guess would be the sugar, but it could also be an increase in training (ie sweating) combined with a change in weather. It could also be a reaction to the grains (I'm not sure how long ago you reintro'd them?).


IMO - if you're not sexually active, then ditch the pill. I was on it for years and years, even when not sexually active to "regulate my periods". I finally decided to drop it early last year, and it took 7 months for my period to come back! Since then though, it's been regular as, every 27-28 days, and only lasts a few days. The exception is when I'm doing W30, when it was about 10 days late.

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Thanks, GoJo.  I don't think the breakout is from this specific packet of pills.  I think from the hormonal BCP in general.  I had such a prominent reaction to the Whole30 w/r/t my menstrual cycle, I just imagine that the hormones are affecting me differently than they did before I did my Whole30/22.  As I think about this past week a bit more, I do think I noticed the start of the breakout before I really went crazy with the alcohol and sugar.  I only remember because I got my eyebrows waxed on Wednesday and remember looking in the mirror that night and being horrified by the bumps.  I drank on TH evening.  Either way, thankfully tomorrow is back to work, and back to routine!

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Do you think the tiny bumps are a rash instead of acne? Have you used any new makeup, face cream, etc? Happens to me all the time if I switch any products as my skin is super sensitive. It also happens when I ingest certain things I'm allergic to.

If it's true acne, what kind of bcp are you on? Progestin only pills are notorious for greasy skin, breakouts, etc.

Combination pills - ones with a synthetic estrogen as well - tend to be better for the skin.

If you stop your pack now, be warned - you may very well get a period. It may be worth experimenting with food first, and if you want to stop the pill, stop at the end of the pack.

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Oh, and getting your period early while on bcp seems to be pretty normal. Your period is always triggered by a drop in hormones. For example, when you take the pill then switch to the placebo pills, the drop in hormones triggers your period a few days later.

When you're on the pill, your body still produces hormones, but a lower level of them. When you change your eating and your own hormones start to balance out, one typically drops and the other typically rises. That drop in hormones can be enough to trigger your period, even though you're still taking bcp.

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Thanks, Karen for your thoughts.  I think I figured out the trigger for this breakout/allergic reaction.  I realized I used an expired sunscreen stick last Tuesday.  So, I've stayed on my pill, and my face is really looking a lot better this morning.  Fitting that all into the timeline:

Sunday: started new pill pack

Tuesday: used sunscreen stick (expired)

Wednesday: started to see the bumps on my face

Thursday: started 3 day increase in alcohol and sugars

Sunday: posted here after really being uncomfortable and self conscious


So, you can see why it was difficult to pinpoint the trigger.  But, I happened to be at the dermatologist yesterday (for another reason) and he agreed that the sunscreen was the likely culprit. 


I've been using sea buckthorn seed oil all over my face (Sibu brand).  What a difference!!!  I know the inflammation and bumps would have gone down over time naturally, but the oil has really helped calm the skin, helped the itching, and I really think has helped clear up the reaction sooner - without other adverse reactions.  The dermatologist had suggested I use hydrocortisone, but call me crazy - I'm nervous to put that on my face.  Love this natural remedy instead!  I've been using it on the backs of my arms, too, where every summer I usually get an ugly red spot - and this summer... no redness at all!  The dermatologist had given me a prescription for this problem last year and it really didn't help at all.  Spread the word about sea bucktorn oil, please.   

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