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Crap. Do I have to start over?


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Today my mom made chicken soup, and I didn't check the ingredients in the soup base she used until I had already downed 2 bowls...  :mellow:


She used an OXO soup powder base, and just about EVERY single ingredient violates the rules. Here is what it contained: 


- corn syrup solids

- soybean oil 

- glucose 


- dextrose


I don't know how this is marketed as "chicken soup base" because the only thing that was chicken-like in it was some chicken fat half way down the ingredient list!!  YUCK!! 

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I wouldn't think of it as starting over...just extend it longer.  You don't want to disrespect your hard work and compliant days prior to this accidental violation.  Be proud of the days behind you and extend to 30 days from here.


I know, it's just semantics.  But that goes a long way in my brain.  Otherwise I tend to have a "well, if I'm starting over anyway" attitude. 

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Don't worry, I didn't completely throw in the towel and eat any off plan foods, nor do I have any desire to (10 days in and any cravings are pretty much gone).


"Extension" is a good term. After reading those ingredients, I felt I would have to prolong it a bit more anyways regardless of the answer I got on here -- I was already planning to do the "21-Day Sugar Detox" right after this too, so it doesn't upset me that much. I know I have a good 50 days of strict eating ahead of me. 


Started off the day with a killer kettlebell workout, followed by a 'detox' "juice" of kale, cucumber, golden beets, spinach, parsley and lemon juice (blended in my Vitamix), 1/2cup of Kombucha tea with chia seeds, and for breakfast: massaged kale salad with olive oil, steamed hoki, steamed golden beets, a few raspberries, and some avocado... oh and green tea. 


I'm hoping that helps to undo the damage from last night  B)


Thanks for the kind words. 

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