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W30 here I come!


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So, today is day 1, at last.


Slightly nervous of doing this -- it seems both easy and difficult at the same time. We eat unprocessed food most of the time (DH allergic to garlic which is in almost everything) but my goals will highlight where my issues are.


So goals for this (?) W30:


- kick the sugar habit

- develop normal eating habits (i.e. no more bingeing!)

- kick the diet coke habit (a strategy I use to stave off a sugar binge, but hardly a good option)

- get used to not drinking AT ALL (currently drink wine with dinner Fri, Sat and Sun but can't really explain to myself why)


I have other more general goals: I'm doing this for overall health reasons (small children and elderly relatives have focussed my mind on this recently!) and I want to lose weight also for overall health reasons -- my BMI is 26.6 and I'd like it to be in the lower 20s. I don't particularly have any health issues that I know about but very much feel I can't take health for granted (a good friend of mine recently lost her husband leaving behind small children) and that I would hate to feel that any health issues in the future I could have avoided if I had acted now IYSWIM.


I don't have a supportive environment -- DH is lovely but not interested in "crank" eating and my kids eat barely anything in the first place, especially not meat, most proteins or veggies and I cook/prepare all meals for everyone. So we'll see how we go. The W30 is not that far away from what we were doing before except it is that last step to eliminate all the little stuff: the glass of wine (or two); the squares of dark chocolate; bought mayonnaise; peanut butter etc. I have been trying to eat low GL for some time and do quite well until I suddenly find myself gorging on hummus (?!) or chocolate or breakfast cereal so it will be interesting to see what impact a "zero tolerance" approach will have. I'm not that intimidated by this as it's ONLY 30 days. Haven't really thought beyond that.


Anyway, enough.


Today so far:


Breakfast: roasted asparagus; poached eggs; nectarine (yum yum)


Mid morning: black coffee (not sure where I stand on coffee)


Lunch: steak; half avocado; salad with little gem lettuce and olives dressed with olive oil and lemon juice; peach (yum yum); black coffee


Dinner tonight should be: spiced pork medallions with orange and radish salad (which DH shouldn't complain about as it's something I've made lots before).


So here I go! So far (after lunch) it's still all feeling pretty easy. (Am I actually committing to that in writing?!!)

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Congratulations on making some changes!  Hopefully, the family will follow behind you.  It sounds like it won't be too difficult to make meals everyone can enjoy since you have removed much of the processed food already.  Still, kids and spouses can be stubborn!


You and I have many of the same vices:  chocolate (darkest of the dark but I can eat a ton of it), nut butters and binge eating


For the binge eating, I have found that adding fat to my meals helps tremendously.  Even adding ghee or full fat coconut milk to your coffee (invest in a small frother or hand held blender to emulsify for deliciousness!).  I'd go caffeine free if you have not already.


I would not even attempt to replace peanut butter with a compliant nut butter for the 30 days.  It is amazing how much almond butter I can inhale!


For the sugar dragon, I would also avoid using dried fruits for the 30 days.  Big trigger for me.


You might even find you have to reduce the amount of fruit you eat during the day if you are having intense sugar cravings beyond the first week or if they trigger unwanted eating.


Oh, I so so so hope you can eliminate the fake sugars.  If that is your only accomplishment, it is a worthy Whole30 experience!  Aside from the neurological damage Aspartame can do, more and more research is pointing to sugar subs actually causing more weight gain than natural sugars.  Imagine that.    When I was a freshman in college they added Nutrasweet to soda for the firs time.  I had a 1-2 can a day habit of Diet Dew.  By the end of my first year I was in the ENT office being tested for a brain tumor.  Bless my ENT for noticing my can of Dew and he told me to stop drinking it.  Even scarier to think that already the medical community knew about these dangerous side effects of Nutrasweet in some humans and it hadn't even been in soda for a year!  All symptoms gone within 48 hours.


I wish you success!  

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PamH gave you some great advice.  One more thought - if (when?) you hit frustrating points (e.g., feeling tired, bloated, frustrated with all the cooking, bored with what you've been eating, etc.), I'd encourage you to reach out via this forum.  People are really supportive and full of helpful ideas.


Good luck!

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Oh, and for what it's worth, artificially-sweetened soda always nudged me in the direction of eating MORE.  First I'd want salty, chippy type stuff, which would make me want chocolate.....  Talk about a slippery slope.


Was also thinking about what you said about this seeming easy and difficult at the same time.  As much as it sounds quite restrictive to have to say "no" to certain things, it's also a very simple idea just not to have something, instead of agonizing over how much of something to have (and then beating yourself up for over-doing). 

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Day 4 now, and doing OK. I've been crazy busy so not had a dull moment -- though the challenge has been to throw together some W30 food when starving, no time, and not really had a chance to plan. Still, have done alright, and actually still feeling pretty good about it all.

The best bit so far has been hiding my scales from myself. I hadn't realised that I was standing on them pretty much every time I went into the bathroom.

So, for the record:

Day 1 - as posted, except I had a hungry patch at about 4pm and had quail's eggs, 1/2 avocado, 1 brazil nut, 1 hazelnut and 1 almond. After dinner also felt starving so I had a banana and 5 brazil nuts.

Day 2 - Meal 1: cumin pork with radish and orange salad

Meal 2: 2 poached egg; rocket; orange and radish salad; guacamole (home-made) with cucumber and tomato; 1/2 pear; 1/3 peach

4pm ish: a few nuts (mixed) and a coffee

Meal 3: grilled cod with calcot sauce (almonds, hazeluts, shallots, tomatoes, parsley, olive oil), with rocket with balsamic and olive oil.

Day 3 - Meal 1: boiled eggs and kiwi fruit

Meal 2: steak; 1/2 avocado; rocket salad; pear

4 pm ish: 1/2 avocado and a banana; strawberries and almonds

Meal 3: prawn and coconut curry (YUM)

Day 4 (today) Meal 1: fried eggs with rocket and blueberries

Meal 2: roast tomatoes, roast carrots, pan fried chicken breast, olives, kiwi fruit, coffee

Snack: tomatoes, olives, cashews, banana

Meal 3: roast pork, roast asparagus, sweet potatoes with ghee and spring onions and shallots. Yummy. And a peach.

DH has stopped complaining as he can see it doesn't really affect him -- my meals that have changed most are breakfast and lunch which we don't share anyway, so that's all good. Can't say I'm feeling physically different at all -- either good or bad, but watch this space. Haven't even had a single craving, though will be shocked if I manage to lose any weight eating like this. Having said that, in some ways that is a secondary goal so that's OK too.

I need to make sure that I have easy snacking veggies in the fridge -- I have reached for fruit a couple of times so far which I might not have done if I'd had some roasted tomatoes in the fridge, or roasted carrot (both of which I LOVE just haven't managed to get round to it as it's been a frantic week. But then most weeks are ...)

Now I need to work out where I can source some W30 compliant curry past where I live ...

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Pam - I got started on fizzy drinks when I did my undergrad in the US and found Mountain Dew. Previous to that I hadn't ever really liked them. Gah! Where bad habits start! I stay away from dried fruit anyway, but I do need to keep an eye on fruit. I think I also need to watch nut eating as they are sooo yummy!


Alyson - thankfully not craved soda yet -- fizzy water does the drink when I'm "mouth bored"! ... and I'm still thinking this is quite easy! As you say, it makes the decisions MUCH more straight forward.

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Lucky you for not having intense cravings for chocolate!  


About the weight loss:  Are you moving?  Getting outside to exercise or able to go to any classes or join a gym?  Gardening?  I would highly recommend finding a physical activity that you enjoy or tolerate enough to do in hopes of enjoying it in the long run.   ;)  Also, paying attention to the plate template might make you aware of off-balance portions.  Yes, the nuts sure do add up!  Watch the brazil nut intake, since they vary widely in selenium content and you could be getting too much of that mineral if you are eating 5-10 of them per day.


Mae Ploy brand is compliant.  What is noncompliant about your curry paste in the UK?  Ah, just looked at my Thai Kitchen jar... sugar is first ingredient.  I haven't used it in the last few months.

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Ok so today chocolate cravings after lunch (passed for the moment), big 4pm hunger (?) and REALLY cranky this pm, where I would normally reach for crunchy or sweet and a diet coke to stop me from tearing my hair out / screaming at the kiddos. Fizzy water just isn't hitting the spot. I'm gritting my teeth and riding it out, but pity the kids!

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Pam, I actually love excercise (lucky me!) but don't do any at the moment as I don't have the time - on the plus side I run around after 2 pre-schoolers all day and never sit down. So active-y at least. In Sept I'll have all 3 at school and will be able to fit some in somewhere I trust! TBH though if I don't lose weight that's ok if I clean up the eating: gaining weight wouldn't be good though! Still, no scales so have to wait and see...

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Day 5: starting to feel quite pleased with myself but missing my scales really badly. Am used to immediate feedback and get anxious without it. I suppose the fear is that I will put on 10lbs without realising and then have a job to get it off again. Still, it's undoubtedly good for me not to be weighing.

Meal 1: 2 eggs, roasted tomatoes, roasted asparagus

Meal 2: roast pork slices, roast carrots, home-made guacamole with olives, toms and cucumber. 1/2 peach and 1/2 nectarine.

4.30 snack: almonds, guacamole, olives, tomatoes, cucumber

Meal 3: sweet potato hummus, baked cod with tomatoes, olives and basil, rocket salad dressed with olive oil and balsamic

After lunch square of chocolate calling my name again.

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Sweet potato hummus: a large sweet potato roast til really soft and cooled (I had one hanging out in the fridge). Peel and put in processor with 2 spoons tahini, juice of one lemon, a shallot (or garlic) , paprika and sea salt. Blend. Eat. Yum!

So day 6: woke feeling better than I have for ages on a Saturday ( no Friday wine?) and realised I do have a health issue I hope gets sorted - my ankles swell like crazy in the heat. The last few summers haven't been at all hot and previous to that I have been permanently pregnant: this year, not pregnant and not even that hot but my right ankles has been replaced by a balloon. So, here's hoping.

Meal 1: 2 eggs with mushrooms fried in ghee and oil

Meal 2: panfried chicken breast, roast carrots, rocket salad, sweet potato hummus and olives.

Snack (6pm - so late almost a starter!) chicken, tomato, olives, basil, almonds

Meal 3: duck salad with mango and chilli salsa; apple and almonds

Lunch made me really happy and DH decided even he wanted some. Have just received Sarah Fragoso's books and I am so excited to make some of this stuff!

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I made mayo this morning! Very pleased with myself. Have also now made lime and coriander coleslaw which is an old favourite in this house but now W30 compliant.

Really enjoying the steady blood sugar thing, and generally feeling quite smug about my food choices. Enjoyed waking up this morning, though didn't get a good night as one of the kids had me up in the night. STILL feel much better today than I do normally at the weekend.

Meal1: eggs, mushrooms, spinach

Meal 2: left-over roast pork; lime coleslaw; mango

Snack: pear, almonds, avocado

Meal 3: chicken with lemon and olives, roast fennel and onions, apple, almonds

Having been so pleased with myself for not being hungry til 6 pm yesterday, today I have been cruising for food all afternoon. I have finally concluded that maybe I am actually hungry so have eaten quite a big snack. Hope that will calm the munchies down. Am making a huge batch of dinner tonight (grilled chicken thighs with lemon and olives; roast fennel and onion salad) which should see me through a couple of weekday lunches. It's one of my favourite meals yumyum. (Used to serve with rice salad but happy without!)

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Start of week 2: not feeling fatter or thinner ( I'm ok about that ); have found it pretty easy so far - I was already cooking from scratch all the time so it actually isn't that different. Really pleased I have avoided diet coke, alcohol, sugar, chocolate and baked goods for a whole week. Also (whisper it) I'm feeling much better mood-wise. I've been pretty down for good reason for the last few months: none of my circumstances have changed and challenges are still there and I'm not happy about those things, but overall my mood is better. Hope it lasts! Really happy with how I'm eating. It feels good.

Meal 1: eggs, mushrooms, spinach, olive oil

Meal 2: chicken, fennel, onions, (roast), lime coleslaw, olive oil, balsamic, lemon and olives sauce/ dressing

Meal 3: (planned) chilli without beans, sweet potatoes

Am hoping to make it through today without feeling the need to snack.

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I had a nut snack at 4: cashews and almonds; and after dinner I had a banana and some cashews. I hadn't made enough chilli though and was still hungry! (It was frozen in small portions). Still good, and off to bed now.

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Kill all the things. Sigh. Pity the children. In the grip of being tired and wanting sugar. Kids got me up at 4.30 this morning ( they went back to sleep but I didn't really) ... And I want sugar sugar sugar or coffee with milk and sugar. It's just after lunch, though, which is when my sugar thoughts are at their strongest so I'm hoping this will pass.

Meal 1: eggs, spinach and mushrooms

Meal 2: chicken, fennel, onions, coleslaw, olives, banana, cashews

Meal 3 (planned): scallops fried in ghee with watercress

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Still going strong - day 15 now. Made a huge chicken braise last night that turns my stomach but I can't bring myself to bin it as it was meant to last several meals. I might just pick the chicken out ...

Still not feeling any thinner, but energy levels marginally better and generally still happier. Missing my scales!

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Trogging along here just fine ... made some delicious curried roasted cauliflower yesterday, and some  cinammon butternut squash and immediately the world is a better place. I am loving eating like this, and finding it remarkably easy. I have dieted on and off for about 20 years and as I've found out more and more about nutrition I'm always battling with "but this isn't healthy". For some reason I thought this paleo thing would be too hard ... but really it isn't. At least, I'm not finding it so at the moment. I LOVE this food. It tastes good and best of all it makes feel good and I'm not having any of the guilt issues that so often surround food (for me). So all good.


DH asked me about it yesterday ... (he's been eating W30 meals on and off just because he lives with me, and he went to work today with a W30 lunchbox with the addition of a chocolate brioche (!)) and he was surprisingly open about it. He appears to be moving away from thinking that it is just one of my crank schemes. He's asking me really detailed questions about what I am going to do at the end of the W30, which of course I don't actually know yet. I'm not feeling thinner or full of zooming energy or anything, but I like what I'm eating, I feel like I'm eating healthily, I am feeling a generally a bit cheerier and best of all, I'm not having see-sawing blood sugar issues ALL DAY LONG which I did. I can see it in one of my daughters now, too, (who is my mini-me) who is clearly really affected by the sugar and high GI carbs in her diet, but I guess we do this one step at a time, and I need to get myself really firmly in the groove.


My big win this last week or two: I have now baked twice with the kids and not even licked the spoon!

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