Please critique my day 1 meals


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Hello!  Yesterday was day one for me.  Can you please critique my meal breakdown and let me know if I'm on the right track?  I admit that I'm lacking on veggies for breakfast and lunch but since it was Sunday, my normal eating was a little off schedule.  I'm much better on weekdays with salads and more vegetables. 


Breakfast: watermelon  3 eggs scrambled with onion and green pepper .


Lunch: a small sweet potato and about 5 ounces of roasted chicken .


Dinner: I made an Indian spiced cauliflower "rice" and then I made the basic curry recipe from the book.  I added in mushrooms, onions and shredded chicken breast.  (In the future, any curry that I make will not be made using a premade curry paste.  It was so salty!  Next time, I'll just use a spice blend and not worry about the excess salt).


Thank you!


Also, I used to drink almond milk in my morning (decaf) tea but if I can't sweeten the tea, I won't bother with it anymore.  Other than drink it straight, can you suggest ways that I can use up the half full carton that I have left?

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I would definitely agree with msssjenna on the veggies and the fat.  Good luck!


As for the almond milk, could you cook with it?  Use it in a sauce?  Hold your nose and just drink it?  ;)  


(But do double-check the label first!)

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Your meals look okay.


All your protein came from chickens. That is okay in any particular day, but it is important to select a variety of protein sources over time.


Five ounces doesn't tell me anything about the appropriateness of your protein serving at lunch. The relationship of that serving to the palm of your hand does because big people tend to have bigger palms and small people have smaller palms. So it would help to report with reference to the palm of your hand.


If your almond milk does not have any off-plan ingredients (and many do), you could use it to make a curry sauce instead of coconut milk. And rather than giving up on tea altogether, you might want to buy a selection of herbal teas. I no longer drink black tea (or even green tea), but keep 5 or 6 herbal teas in the house all the time. You could lighten herbal teas with almond milk, although it probably does not need it.

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Thank you for your reply Tom.  I didn't think about the fact that all of my protein was from the same souce.  I'll keep it in mind going forward to mix it up.  As for the 5 ounces, it was probably just under 2 palm fulls total so I believe that fits the criteria for a portion. 


The almond mik is fully compliant so I might have to use it in sauces before it goes bad.  Thanks again for your help.

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