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I have read the entire "It Starts with Food" book this last week. Was exactly what I've been praying for! Ever since I gave birth to my twins, nearly 11 years ago, I've struggled with losing the 90 lbs I gained. My body chemistry got all messed up, which caused the excessive weight gain and the inability to lose. I now have high blood pressure and diabetes, as a result.

I have always believed that if I could find the answer to my "How do I get healthy?" questions and lose the weight, I could be both condition and medication free. Until reading the book, I was just patching together a bunch of ideas hoping that it would work...with little to no results. After reading the book, I am CONVINCED I found my long awaited answer! Praise God!

I have been reducing processed foods, although not completely, for about 2 months. I have also been back to exercising. When I had my regular check up, my doctor was thrilled because all my numbers improved, including my blood pressure which was 110/70...the best it's been in years!!!!

So, I have another check up August 27th. My goal is to have completed at least Whole30 (I plan on going longer to at least Whole60) before I get my blood work done and see the affect of clean eating. My BIG goal is to get off all medications, which I know I can. I am looking to fully begin July 16th, the day after I get back from SF for business.

In the meantime, I am preparing myself by making my food choices as close to Whole30 as possible. Finding recipes that are compliant and emptying my fridge and cupboards of non-compliant temptations. My family is supportive...especially my daughter (one of the twins). However, they are not interested in being in this with me. I have substantially changed what comes into the house, though. So their "bad choices" are still limited.

I am excited to being to fully heal my body. I have several gatherings and the 4 day out of town trip to San Francisco which would make starting today difficult, but I am already seeing and feeling a difference with the changes I have made already.

I will journal my progress once I begin, but until then, I will continue to read the forum for ideas and tips.

Any advice is welcomed. I am so grateful for the book, this forum and finding the answer to such a frustrating and heavy challenge.

God Bless! :)

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