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Survived our first W30 - feeling great!


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So we finally made it! 30 days of eating whole, and we enjoyed every moment.

Yes, to be honest it wasnt always as we kept on with our normal social life. I never thought it would be so much fun to eat whole, yes I said it - FUN!


I made a 30 day menu and it worked great. I never had to struggle to think about what we were having for breakfast, lunch or supper. Even hubby enjoyed it (and he IS the sugar dragon). We made our own mayo and will never eat shop bought mayo again. We learned to eat all kinds of new veggiess and learned to make so many new and delicious dishes.


So now for the results:

We went into this "challenge" not to loose weight! We wanted to make a lifestyle change and this would serve as our starting platform.

I have some severe digestive problems and after a week of W30 I could feel the difference already. The last 30 days I had no need to take any laxatives or any other kind of medication to manage my digestive problems. I honestly feel great! No bloatedness of cramps. My skin improved so much that even hubby noticed! And I lost 5 kg!!


Hubby had some sinus problems and now after 30 days it is much better. He is not constantly battling the post nasal drip or blocked nose! He lost 7 kg!


So no that we are done, what will we change?? Nothing! He is introducing dairy products but only so that he can enjoy his morning coffee!


Thank you for all the support during this "challenge" but no it is my new lifestyle and cant wait to report on my progress!


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Awesome news! Congratulations on sticking it out, and on those excellent changes! Thanks for posting your update. It's so inspiring to read from others who've made it.


I am on Day 8 right now, and I noticed something unusual already too - I am a singer, but my voice has improved a lot. I don't have to work so hard or manipulate my voice to make it sound the way I want - it's coming out a lot smoother and easier (hard to explain). 

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