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Whole 30 and blepharitis

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I have chronic eye condition called blepharitis (inflamed eye lids, hot oily tears, crusty, red - awful). I have been to a zillion eye specialists And didn't get under control till I gave up dairy and gluten. Still a few flares each year but nothing like it was. Went paleo in January and continued to allow red wine, dark chocolate. Fast forward to my whole 30. I am 3 weeks and doing great but after about a week in I noticed my eyes becoming irritated. This am I awoke to a full flair up which included my eyes literally being glued shut. I frantically searched the Internet to try to figure this out. What could be different? It looks like it may be the resveratrol in the wine that was keeping my condition at bay! Even mainstream sites say resveratrol is key in treating blepharitis. So I am off to health store to get supplements but many articles seem to point to wine being a better source. So do I make it a whole 21 instead and have my wine? Or just try the supplement? Any advice appreciated!

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