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Major Change in Attitude


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Wow, I slipped this week and gave into some stress.  I finished my whole 30 a week ago yesterday.  I introduced a small bit a dairy and some corn but I didn't want anything else.  I ate a handful of peanut M&M's my husband left sitting around and two cookies (coconut flour sweetened with dates and a few chocolate chips).  I crashed hard emotionally.  I could hardly function.  My stress level went through the roof and I just wanted to cry.  I felt that way this morning and went to work feeling so crabby.  I went shopping on the way home and just felt my mood lifting and I put lots of good meat and veggies in my cart and planned to go home and cook for the week again so I can be balanced and feel good.  I figure it had to be the m&m's.  I have a daughter who had behavior (ADD) issues that were tied to food coloring when she was young and she still will not touch it with a 10 foot pole.  I didn't think I reacted to it like that and avoided it (especially around her) now I see it really does do me in.  That was just scary.

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