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so it begins, fibromyalgia 12.6


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11.6 a day before i start


ive had muscle pains for the last 8 years. it ruined my life and i feel it daily all over, yet never had the courage to commit myself truely.

always wanted some quick fixes with pills.

i tried paleo in the past but was very unorgenized, and then came a first slip that opened a hatch and i stopped.


at the moment my body is extremely weak.

im 25 years old and i have back acne that just dont want to leave.

im in full pains all the time and very easily fatigue, very weak.

unfortunately almost 3 months ago i was also diagnosed with ebv, mono.

it affected my pains and feelings and although i was in alot of pains before, i sure feel the impact where im even more disabled those last 3 months.


im not looking for anything fancy,and decided to eat tomatos(crushed) for now.

i would try to avoid other nightshades, plus im thinking about avoiding eggs also.

i decided the best thing for me would be to make myself meals in advance for a few days.and would also do 1 weekly buying, determined not to spend any more money that that on food!!

what i bought is what im gonna use.


this is what i have made today for the next days:


ground beef chili(with tomatoes)

slow cook vegtables(sweet pootatos, cauliflower, carrots, zuccinis), will last for a few days

slow cooked beef(gonna make it now) i have like 1.3 kg but some pretty big fat pieces


also, im gonna make tommorow some mushrooms(also for later use).

i decided to just mix daily all i have made, and switch order if needed and see how i deal with that.


this is what i have left in the fridge/freezer for this week that start tommorow:


1kg beef liver

250-300 gr ground beef



1 sweet potato




 alot of spinach






so any suggestion for other meals with those ingredients would be great.


i dont believe that drastic changes may happen this month, as ive been with my pain for so long.

i also fear my sweet tooth would just not be able to deal with it, and ill think about adding fruit if needed.

i would appreciate any response.

wish me luck, im gonna go make my beef slow cook.



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Looks like you are well set up for some good meals, you may want to grab a few avocado and olives to add some easy fats to your meals.  I found my first week it was easier to eat really basic meals following the template so that I didn't have to think too much.  I am on day 11 and starting to get a good idea of what I need to eat to sustain myself through each meal.


I have been having mysterious joint pain over the last year that, despite many doctors visits, no one can explain.  I am hoping the W30 will help and am keeping positive thoughts about it.  I hope you do find some relief from your pain, it can be exhausting.  Good luck!

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Yay tal, glad to hear you're getting started!


To second what Lizz said, the template is really important especially if you're worried about your sweet tooth.  If you eat the right amounts of fat and protein at each meal you won't get so hungry between meals and it'll be easier to fight off your sweet tooth.  Try and eat fruit with meals instead of by itself as a snack or it might trigger your sugar cravings even more.


Best of luck!  Hope you like the beef!

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12.6 day 1.


so today is my first day.

i ate kind of a breakfast now because i woke, and needed to move the beef from the fire.

unfortunately it wasnt the right kind of beef so slow cooked beef isnt very good but hey its food.

i ate some chili+slow cooked vegtables. im not sure about amounts but it seem as if i wanna save the food so it last longer...and then i finish hungry.

so, should i allow fruits?

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Try and make sure you're eating at least a palm sized portion of protein and yes, as praxisproject says, eat some fat!  I understand your budget concerns.  I think your best strategy is to eat at least the minimum protein and fat specified on the template and then fill up on vegetables.  If you're buying what's in season they shouldn't be too expensive (though of course I don't know what prices are like in your country!).


One or two servings of fruit a day is ok, just make sure you eat it with your meals or you might find you crave more and more of it.


I'm sorry the beef didn't work out so well, for slow cooking you want the cheap, tough cuts.  They have lots of connective tissue which breaks down with slow cooking and goes all nice and tender.  And if you didn't like the flavours, you can always adjust - we all like different things.  Learning to cook in different ways takes a lot of experimentation!

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so the first day is almost finished and i ate 3 very similar meals.



chili+slow cooked vegtables.


chili+slow cooked vegtables+some mushroom and spinach


chili+slow cooked vegtables+some mushroom and spinach and one peach. plus one diced carrot with olive oil.


so, very similar, unfortunately the meat i made in the slowcooker isnt food material...lol.

so i may just eat exactly the same tommorow, and make the beef liver the day after tommorow.
i may just dice vegtables i may have sticking around.
how i feel, well i did feel some craving today, and it was funny walking past all the things in the supermarket.
my fibro pains are pretty exreme at the moment.
today i ate 1 of my meals at the table and not at my bed and its something i want to make sure i do in this challenge. eat in the table.
i want to avoid eggs for now, which would have make my life much easier i guess.
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13.6 day 2


so today i woke early, although i do intend to go to slee again now for a few hours.

i worked yesterday in a job i fear is too much for me hysically, yet i will try it for a while.

similar meal to all the meals, ate breakfast and even found the time to make myself lettuce salad+dressing.



chilli+slow cooked vegetables+lettuce salad. added 1 fruit in the end.

also, sat on the table and didnt eat in my room.



chili+vegetables some salad



can of tuna+lettuce salad+some cooked vegetables+olives

also ate a few dates, not sure if ok. but will stick to it as it hel me deal with cravings.

i need to go joging today, as im in the middle of c25k, should have done it yesterday but was tired.


i bought a few tuna cans, that will make it more comfortable...

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oh man, so its 4 am here, and i only slet 3 hours before waking.

i ate some carrots and olives, and suddenly the dryed dates smiled at me. i do believe i have big sugar craving, and i ended eating 7!!

well, it gave me alittle stomach ache, and i am gonna finish the rest of the bunch, but im not gonna buy them anymore in this challenge.

im also not gonna start over because of something that does not include eating real bad things.


well, again im trying to fight fibromyalgia.

i do have kinda severe back acne, and it may go away, but i feel i will lack motivation to continue only for acne. im aiming to rid myself of fibro.

i avoided eggs, yet did eat tomatos on a few occasions.

i guess when i go into it and as time goes by, it will be easier.

i tried to deal with my sugar cravings cold turkey, and im not sure its the best thing. or is it(question, bad keyboard lol


i used and still am a very big sugar junkey, eating so much chocolate and snacks, so dates may be a great solution, yet im in a mission so im not sure what to do.

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day 4



well in the last 24 hours i was a mess.

i may have eaten something bad, i may not eaten enough salt and was dehydrated. i throw u and felt really weak. i still do but less...

i also had gas and it may be due to the cooked cauliflower.

my throat is now hurt, i believe because i throw u...

i didnt eat much those 24 hours, and not ive eaten a can of tuna with olive oil.

well, for me im still in the challenge, still avoiding what i should.

i would try to continue tommorow on day 5, and will try and add more salt.

i dont really mind those few bad days as it makes me alittle more chill not needing to make food all the time although i defrosted the beef liver and because i was ill i didnt make it and it was too much time in the fridge. not smart money wise as i bought too much ingredients and they are going to waste now.


my back acne seem to be much better and my face seem less oily. again i care much more about the fibromyalgia.

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Sounds very un-fun!  The next week isn't particularly a fun week either for Whole30, but after that it starts getting better.   I admit that I'm rooting for you because I have a friend with fibromyalgia and I bet he'd love reading some success stories which seem to happen when folks start eating this way.  Hope you get through today fairly smoothly.  

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Hang in there Tal, as a first time W30er and on day 16 I can say, it definitely gets better.  From reading what you've been eating when not feeling ill, I would try to focus a bit more on the template and get a little more fat in your diet.  I also found that when I added sweet potatoes or plantains to my first or second meal, my stomach was a lot more settled.  Keep on keepin' on and you will reach the light at the end of the tunnel!

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so im still at it, and for the last 2 and half days i was eating mainly chicken soup(with regular chicken unfortunately.

i know not the best thing, and on friday and half of suterday i barely ate, but still im proud myself of not eating what i shouldnt eat.

even if not every day is pure paleo, atleast when its not the right amounts or diversity, i dont touch the bad things.


actually what i had the last few days and still now is ver close to a flu, with weakness, runny nose, and at first some puking and diharrea.

at first i thought it was a stomach bug but i only had diharrea for the first day.


i do see a positive change in my back acne.

im 25 years old, what are the chances that the food only caused my acne but non of my other ailments?

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I don't think my poor SAD diet caused all of my issues, but it certainly didn't help my body try to deal with those issues.  My pre-Whole30 eating just aggravated and aggravated and aggravated and I had no clue to what extent.  My body feels so much more like its own nowadays and I also feel like now it has a fighting chance.  I told my husband that if I'm ever in the hospital, he's going to need to figure out a way to cook Whole30 and sneak foods into me.  I'd suggest not fretting over details and just eating as much of allowed foods as you want (or are capable of if you're still sick).  Your body will start regulating things over time.  I have also taken to heart the idea of more fat and protein at meals so that I feel good all the way up to the next meal.  It helps a lot.  Hope you're feeling better soon.  I was sick for two weeks with my first Whole30 - it wasn't fun.

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So guys the 10th day today is the day I ate chocolate, probably not the god kind. Damn. ..I'm not gonna be angry at myself and gone keep he challenge. 1 chocolate in 30 days is much much better then the 40-60 is 30 days. I ate before..I just hope 1 small chocolate wouldn't set me back 10 days.

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Chocolate can be tempting - so can grocery stores.  I find that if I start craving any of those things, I head to my fridge and pull out some protein and fats and then the temptation all goes away.  I'd rather eat more of the good stuff than open the door to my old ways.  Ten days! WooHoo!  It just gets better from here (with some ups and downs).  :)

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