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Gluten reintro....or menstrual cramps??? (Q. for gals)


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Okay, this is going to be TMI for some, so if you are squeamish, move along, nothing to see here.....  ;)



Yesterday, I reintroduced gluten.  I had some plain crackers at lunchtime, and some plain pasta at dinner.  I was very careful to make sure I was only getting wheat, and not other grains, and not dairy or soy either.


Nothing happened last night of particular notice, except perhaps a slightly rumbly tummy, but very minor.


This afternoon, I had horrible cramps, backache, sweating.  My belly was bloated like crazy -- like, unbutton, unzip, and finally take off my shorts, looking five months pregnant bloated.  (Working at home, happily!)


I feel less pain thanks to some tylenol and a nap, but still bloated.


Now, I am wondering whether this could be the usual monthly delight, or whether it could be the gluten.  You might say, "wait and see if you bleed, turkey!" but it's not quite that simple.  I am on the Mirena, which is a hormonal IUD. And with it, I never bleed (yay!) and I don't get cramps.  But at 43, I don't think I went through menopause without noticing.


So, wise ladies..... is it possible that this reaction was to gluten, or should I stick with the simple explanation, which is good old female biology?  


(I poked around in some relevant threads but didn't find anyone with a similar experience.)

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My first instinct is to suspect the wheat.  But I'm really just guessing here.  One way to be sure is to wait for the symptoms to subside and then try introducing gluten again.


I hope someone else has a more helpful answer!


Best of luck and good health!

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