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ISWF BBQ sauce recipe- yummmmy!!


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So, my family and I eat BBQ. A lot. We like to think of ourselves as experts. We have been going to the same BBQ place for every birthday for over 10 years. My ex and I have the same birthday and we still have dinner there together with the kids and my husband. When I started Whole 30, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to enjoy the tangy, sweet deliciousness that is barbecue sauce.


Until today.


Folks, I made the barbecue sauce in It Starts With Food and let me tell you- it is DELICIOUS! I made pulled pork and thought to myself, "No way in hell I'm eating that sucker without sauce; even if the one in the book sucks, it'll be better than nothing." It does not suck; in fact, the whole family loved it.


Thank you Melissa and Dallas- I am the happiest woman on Earth right now.


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