Whitershade's reintroduction

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So, here I will write about my reintroduction and my physical reactions:

-day 31 I ate totally compliant except for two glasses of white wine, and I also had some mashed banana with cinnamon and cashew butter that sounded like a dessert.

No bad reactions to wine.

-day 32 here is the issue: I have at home some foods I bought before the whole 30 that contain sugar. I haven't touched them during last month, but since I don't feel like throwing away food, I am going to eat them. I'm talking about sugar used as a preservative, here, not as a sweetener. So, this morning I had almond milk (sugar as a preservative, not sweet taste)with hemp seeds, coconut flakes, some flaxmeal, and a small banana.

I haven't had anything else because I was in a rush..

So, I was wondering how sugar, simply that contained in lox, or ham, or even my almond milk (that for the rest, is "organic") can affect my body. I wanted to add that I've never used sugar at all, also before whole30, except for baking and except in those case when it is needed as preservative or for cooking.

Moreover, I tasted a hard candy yesterday and I had to spit it out, because I find the sweetness DISGUSTING now!

Any advice?

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Some people get bloated or feel a bit anxious when they eat sugar, but heartburn is not a symptom I have heard. However, I am not a sugar symptom expert.


When we stop eating sugar for a period of time, our taste buds become more sensitive to sugar so that candies and many processed foods taste too sweet. They taste too sweet because they are, they are not normal.


Sugar is added to many foods to make them taste better. The most amazing thing to me was finding sugar as an ingredient in canned clams. The cheap clams in the store included sugar, while the more expensive clams did not. I think that means the cheaper clams were of lower quality and the sugar was used to "improve" their taste.

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I forgot to add that I had just had some favoured tea (made from teabags but still artificially flavoured) so I suppose that maybe these syntetic flavours in the tea are to blame, more than almond milk.

Anyway, I didn't need to take meds, just some mineral water and my stomach felt better. For lunch I kept whole30 compliant, and I'm astonished with the idea that I don't like candies anymore!

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Ok, second day I tested the almond milk: heartburn again. I had it with banana, one egg, 1 tbsp hemp seeds, 2 tbsp coconut flour, 1/2 tbsp cashew butter, I made a kind of hot porridge from this scramble (delicious, but still:-(..)

These are the ingredients, nice to see that almonds are just the 2% of the stuff, that is also quite expensive (that's why I didn't wanted to throw it away, but now I think I'll give it to someone who toletates it)...

Water, Sugar, Almond (2%), Tri-calcium phosphate, Sea salt, Stabilisers (Locust Bean gum, Gellan gum), Emulsifier (Sunflower lecithin), Vitamins (Riboflavin (B2), B12, E, D2)

I don't know which of these ingredients could be the major offender...but I think I'll eliminate the problem not buying the stuff anymore.

(I also found a great recipe to do almond milk at home, easy and way cheaper!)

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So, I had some gelato with whipped cream yesterday: today I am bloated, like a pregnant woman, and my gut seems to be very disappointed-.-" I'll try some yogurt and I'm planning to do the blood test for gluten and lactose intolerance next week, so..we'll see.

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