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Day 24 and getting a cold


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I couldn't figure out where to put this post but I have found this section to be informative and supportive...


I'm on Day 24 of my first Whole 30. Up until today I was definitely feeling the benefits of the "Tiger Blood" phase but  this morning I woke up with a killer sore throat, which means I am probably getting the cold that is going around the office.


I very rarely get sick. Honestly, my husband had H1N1 back when it was passing through N. America a couple years back and not even a sniffle by me.


Part of me takes it as a good sign, i.e. my immune system isn't on high alert from poorer food choices so it has let its guard down, but then part of me is a bit discouraged b/c I have been treating my body so well these last couple of weeks... Is getting sick at this stage unusual? Is it a sign that I need to be doing something differently? Any thoughts/opinions welcome.



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I don't think it's a sign you have done anything wrong; I don't think W30 gives you titanium-plated armor for your immune system, so to speak.  Germs exist in uncountable numbers and they change all the time....  But perhaps someone more experienced will weigh in on this.

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