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Day 18--what inspired me to try this


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Four and a half months ago I was having lunch with my sister in law. I was already eating grain and sugar free and I had heard she was doing something similar. Hardly! She was doing some crazy 30-day thing and wasn't having wine, cheese, etc. I thought it sounded horrible. I shuddered and had some more wine. After lunch she took me to her health food store where she bought some ghee (what/why?) and coconut aminos. It was a way of eating that I was not open to or even open to hearing about it in detail.

But I never quite forgot. I was feeling good but not nearly as good as I wanted. So I searched this out, bought the book, and here I am, 18 days in and feeling really good.

I totally get that most people just don't get this. I was one of them until about three weeks ago. I'm so glad though that I was exposed to it and that my sister in law was open to telling me about it. I don't think she had hit the feeling great part though since she definitely wasn't pushing it.

Anyway, you never know who you might inspire with your example.

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