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What's wrong with popcorn?

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I have to say, I LOVE popcorn. But I haven't had any in 10 weeks. Yeah, I know it has no nutritional benefit but sometimes it is nice to have a food that does nothing but makes you happy to eat. We do a ton of things through out the day that are not healthy ie unsatisfying work, commuting in traffic, family stress etc. So sometimes, for me anyway, it is fun to think about eating/tasting something that has no nutritional value but is just good.

I am not advocating cheating or going off plan. Just like to fantasize about stuff that I love but choose not to eat right now. Sometimes, I would like not to spend so much time thinking about "what is good for me". I do it, I benefit from it, I will cont to do the plan,  but it is work!


I love popcorn(home made with canola oil). I admit it.....

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