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Kirsten's Whole30

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Following Paleo template for the past 40 days or so. I was feeling great. Started slipping a bit about 10 days ago and then went on a week long camping vacation. Gave myself the week off. What was I thinking? I ate things I normally wouldn't have even before Paleo. Disgusting. I came home yesterday feeling bloated, disgusting, fat and depressed. Jumped into whole 30 today. No excuses.


2 poached eggs

Mean green juice

Pineapple, a couple chunks

Iced coffee with coconut milk


Filet mignon

Baby spinach salad with strawberries, red onion and balsamic glaze


Rotisserie chicken breast



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Day 2

Excited to go to Trader Joes and stock up today on some uncured bacon, apple gate farms hot dogs & deli meat and a bunch of produce. Hitting the macadamia nuts I bought a little too much. I have to watch that tomorrow. overall good day.

Pre workout 1/2 chicken breast with olive oil and balsamic glaze


Post workout iced coffee with coconut milk

Rest of chicken breast and green veggie juice

Snack handful of macadamia nuts

Meal #2

Spinach, strawberry and onion salad

Grilled chicken

Snack larabar

Meeting at 5pm, ate sliced cucumber and black iced coffee

Home at7p

Chicken with mango salsa and green beans

Handful macadamia nuts ( dangerous)

Late Evening peach and cup of tea with coconut milk

I may start clucking after eating all that chicken. It was a busy day that iwas barely home so I'm glad I managed as well as I did. I definitely am craving an after dinner sweet. I'd love a square of dark chocolate but I know it will do me know good. I also peed all say! Definitely drank a lot of water.

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Spent the whole morning cooking. Tonight I go back to work after a lovely vacation. I work 12 hr overnight shifts as an ER nurse and usually my first night on equates to being awake for 25+ hours. It's my flip day. I wanted to make sure I would have everything prepped to get through the next three overnights. I cooked all morning.

Nonnompaleo's spicy tuna cakes...OMG so good served with Mango salsa

turkey breakfast sausage

Oven roasted Brussel sprouts

Sautéed baby bellas and baby book choy

Sweet potato


Filet mignon

Add to that the rotisserie chicken I have on standby, some fruit, salad and nuts and there is no reason to be worried about what to eat the next few days. Feeling a sense of accomplishment.

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Day 3

I ate a ton today. At least I feel like I did. Im feeling hungrier than usual. But also, I was home all day, anxious about flipping back to my overnight shift after 10 days off. (and 10 days if living a normal day person life).

Meal #1

Iced coffee with coconut milk

2 eggs cooked in coconut oil

2 turkey breakfast links

1/4 diced tomato sauteed


3 spicy tuna cakes with mango salsa

handful of macadamia nuts

pecan larabar

at work:

iced coffee with coconut milk

handful macadamia nuts

meal #3

sm filet mignon

roasted brussel sprouts

bok choy with mushrooms

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Day 4

Slept like a rock today. Best daytime sleep after an overnight shift that I've ever had. Coincidence? I don't know.

Meal 1

3 spicy tuna cakes

mango salsa

medium iced coffee with coconut milk

meal 2

filet mignon

bok choy with mushroom

mashed sweet potato with ghee



handful of macadamia nuts


tea with coconut milk

meal 3

rotisserie chicken

arugula & homemade dijon viniagerette



Probably more nuts than I should be eating but I am at work and avoiding the cheesecake brought in from a coworker and the vending machine/coffee shop trips. Overall I am pleased. Baby steps

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