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Your first five...

Dane Sanders

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Day 1: ferociously reading, watching, talking, learning with whole30 alums... enrolling family to support me (not jump in necessarily), learning how to go to the grocery store as a guy (I was so lame), learning about food, eating more vegetables than I've ate in a year.


Result: 1 pound loss, feeling pretty motivated


Day 2: more of day 1 stuff and lost another pound.


Day 3: woke up like a train hit me. Headache, achy, surprised it hurt so bad. Signed up for a CSA for my vegetables & fruit from a local farm. My wife is glad I'm shopping for groceries more. Apparently, I love hard boiled eggs and never knew it quite like this. Another pound disappeared.


Day 4: kind of bored with my food options again. Still getting my carbs mixed up with my calories. Feel kind of dumb a lot but de-signifying all that. Surprised at what feels like mental clarity. Knocked out a few more tasks than normal. Enjoying feeling full despite real cravings. Lost another pound.


Day 5: friday night and my wife doesn't want to go out with friends because of our diet issues. I hadn't read Day 5 of the daily yet but so wish I had. It was EXACTLY about that conversation. Ironically though, we had a date night in and snuggled on the couch. It was low key but really sweet. Read the Daily the next morning on how to engage socially with Whole90 and I forwarded it to her. No idea what she thinks of my lighthearted efforts to deepen her engagement. She's probably 80% on the plan right now though whether she realizes it or not. I think she has a love hate relationship with me right now. It's pretty fun. Lost another pound. Probably not sustainable but that's 5 for 5. Pretty cool.


How were your first five?

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Dane- Sounds like you are doing pretty well, glad you are finding it fun, but it looks like you missed one very important rule: NO WEIGHING! for serious. it messes up the plan if you weigh yourself during the 30 days, so stop doing it (even if it's fun). 

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