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I started paleo last January.However Ive never done a whole 30 Ive done a 21 day challenge but it still allowed heavy creme and bacon.I did notice sone changes but i think i consumed too much creme and bacon! Ivecreally slipped from paleo thevpast few weeks and have noticed a huge decrease in my energy level, increased reliance on coffe and reture of gastric problems.Last week i started reading ISWF .I was so inspired i wanted to do a whole 30 right away.So i started today! So far its going ok However in the past ive never stopped gum and mints.At times i would use the healthier versions ,but often use the unhealthy ones.So far that is the hardest thing to give up.!

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Welcome!!! I am on day 10 myself and am feeling really good today. Some days have been better than others for sure!

Heavy cream and bacon have been troublesome for me as well! It was tough today doing my food prep and my brother came in and cooked bacon as I chopped and I was tempted but know that I can go and eat all the bacon I want after and if I am craving it that bad then it is probably not a good thing for me to eat in any quantity.

It is hard to change but you will see how things like gum and mints affect you and then you can make an informed choice about the place they will have in your life. It is only 30 days which I think makes it easier to let go of things because you can try reintroducing at some point after if you want. By then you may not want to at all!

If the mint flavor is what you are looking for you could try peppermint tea or if you have fresh mint taking a nibble on some leaves or putting the leaves in water in the fridge for 24 hours. That might help on the really bad days. :)

Be Well on your journey!

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