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Erin P 's whole 30


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I started today and so far going well except im really craving gum and mints.

B black tea ,sweet potato curry hash ,about 3/4 cup, t bone steak ,jasmine green tea

S kombucha

L 6 oz sirloin ,steamed brocolli

S trenta unsweeted passion ice tea from starbucks

D handful walnuts ,ground beef w salsa verde in romaine leaves ,couple bites coco manna

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Day 4

B black tea, 2 egg spinach muffins,1 peach w 5 strawberries,and a handful walnuts

S jasmine green tea

L ground beef w tomato sauce and coco manna ,on top of brocolli slaw

S kombucha 8 cherries

D stew steak ,shaved brussel sprouts sauteed in olive oil

Later in the evening i had a couple TB of coco manna and 2 handfuls of coco chips.Im really tring to pay attn to my hunger signals as i think im tening to over eat.I know in the past when ive cut out grains and way down on carbs Ive had the tendency to over do it on fats and meat.Thus i didnt get the fesults i wanted.

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Day 6. Friday July 13

B 3 eggs scrambled w kale, coffee w coco milk

L ny strip ,shaved brussel sprouts sauteed in olive oil, i froze grapes and 1/2 banana then blended w coco milk It was an ice cream consistncy

S herbal tea tb coco manna

D i wasnt hungry.I attended a ladies event at my church and e had smores.I passed up on these and had watermelon and strawberries.

Later on a couple handful of cashews

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Day 7 ! (saturday)

B earl grey tea, 2 spinach egg cupcakes, 1/2 peach 1/2 pear

S kombucha

L salad w chicken,walnuts ,tomato and evoo

S watermelon

D veggie soup ,filet mignon ,couple bites coco manna

Sunday (day8)

B coffee w coco milk, 2 egg spinach cupcakes 1/2 peach

S 1tb almond butter w dried plantain

L rib eye steak 2 pure wraps w sm amt coco butter

Wasnt hungry the rest of the day had a couple handful of almonds

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Tuesday day 10

B coffee w coco milk egg bake ( w spinach peppers,zucchini and bacon) ! -1 peach

S tea

L salad w chicken ,1/2 avocado ,evoo and lemon

S kombucha ,small pack of almonds

D veggie soup,ground turkey w 1/2 avocado and salsa verde, 2 bites coco manna

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Thursday day 12

It was a weird day as far as food

B coffee ,turkey breast ,brocolli slaw

L none not hungry

S kombucha ,handful almonds

D hamburger patty w 1/2 florida avocado

S really hungry later on so 2 more hamburger patties w. The other 1/2 avocado handful coco chips ,tb coco manna

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