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AJ's whole30. Real food=productive=contentment.


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I'm here to do it again. I have a couple of weeks without travel and desperately need to get my spunk back!

I have prepped lots of good food for the week, oops just remembered my sweet potato is still in the microwave:), have written down what I plan to eat for day 1 and am ready to take back the control. Writing and planning ahead will help me I hope tremendously.

My goals are to sleep good again , lose the 10 pounds I put back on, regain my energy, excercise with running, arms/abs wo and spinning, and to give my wonderful family healthier choices! Again:)

Here's to feeling great!

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Cheers AJ! I have found over the last 2 weeks (I'm on day 17 of my first W30) that I feel more sane if I have my meals planned out, at least dinner.  That way I am not looking at a list of prepped ingredients trying to figure out what goes together.  Also, my hubs, who is not joining me, can decide if he would like to supplement his meal with a non-compliant item. 


Good luck getting your groove back :)

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thanks lizzard77!


I'm on day 3 and going strong!  Amazingly enough, I was able to get back into just 3 meals a day without any issues.  I feal really good today and hoping that I will miss those nasty withdrawals that I went through in previous whole30s.  I have only completed one but went 45 days. And have done shorter stints.  I love to eat.  Good and Bad.  My goal is to learn how to indulge if its worth it and without going off completely into a binge for however many days......7,14 etc.

I gained all 10 pounds back from April.  Yikes.  Sad.

But, I am back on it, have already lost the bloating feeling and am excited and mentally prepared to find my way back.

On Sunday, I prepared lots of stuff without really knowing how much i did, it was very easy to throw chicken and steak on the grill to have on hand for the week.  Mayo and roasted red pepper sauce was made.  Roasted cauliflower, sweet potato patties and HB eggs.  Easy peasy.  I made crab cakes last night.....those things are ridiculously yummy and so easy to throw together!


I am starting a running program this week for a 1/2, possibly full if I put the time in, and am supplementing it with spinning classes once per week.  I love the spinning!  It feels like such an awesome workout.


Looking forward to dinner tonight!  And being productive.  I just painted our bedroom this amazing grey/blue color that is so peaceful.  We have lived there for 2 years, stained old carpet, white walls, wood trim (not the kind i like), ugly blinds.  I mean UGLY.  I feel like we've had a transformation and it didn't take much:)  I look forward to fitting into my skinny clothes and staying on top of life!!!!!

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