Whole 30 round 2!


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Today I begin again... :D 

My first Whole 30 was the life changing event that I had heard of and hoped for.... lost 24 lbs (232 down to 208), really made my energy levels rock solid throughout the whole day, helped with chronic systemic inflammation (arthritis, bi-lateral hip replacements over the last 5 years).
I'm feeling better than I have in 20 years (I'm 51, male) so I was really looking forward to starting again.
This time Iâ€m going to follow the slow re-introduction of other foods, first time through we had a celebration for my wife (birthday and Mothers day combined) she wanted pizza so I kinda blew the doors off by having beer and ice cream too. Felt pretty sick after that, ended up just going to bed early that night. This time Iâ€m going to follow the plan on adding foods back in a systematic fashion so as to determine what sets off my joint problems. I know that I will not have a pain free life, but I want to minimize it as much as possible and the Whole 30 has shown me that this is entirely within our reach if we will only treat what we choose to put in our bodies with the respect and attention it deserves.


Thank you Melissa and Dallas! you guys have shown the world a better way to live.

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