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Starting tomorrow 6/18/13


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My plan was to start TODAY, but my trip to Whole Foods was an epic fail.  So it will be tomorrow.


I have been reading up on the Paleo diet and knew I had to try it out, after 6 attempts on Weight Watchers and never sticking to it. I have chalked it up to my in-ability to eat ANY sweets, breads, pasta, starches, and grains in moderation.  So I probably just need to go cold-turkey, and knock the addiction once and for all (hopefully).  Plus, I HATE counting anything--points, calories, fat grams, etc.  I do know you still have to be sensible on this diet, but I just don't want to have to write anything down and track anything (I'm NOT a list person).


I weigh 208lbs, am 44 years old, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and lower back issues and general bloating and joint pain.  Oh, and IBS.  So I'm hoping this lifestyle change will help most or all of these things.  Something's gotta give.  On a good note, I am pretty active despite all these issues.  I have a small horse farm with my husband and 11 year old daughter, 3 horses, 3 dogs, and 3 cats, and take care of all these animals on a daily basis which is a lot of work and does give me some modicum of fitness.  I also ride my horse 3-4 days per week and show him.  I am also hoping that I will lose some weight to look better in my white show breeches (whomever thought those were a good idea had to be a skinny b***h--LOL!), and have more stamina to ride longer and more often!  My horse is in a lot better shape than I am!


Like I mentioned, my trip to Whole Foods at lunch today was both a culture shock, and a failure.  First, because I didn't bring a lunch to work today and planned on eating something from their food bar.  Not.  Everything either had rice, grains, tofu or legumes in it, except for a couple of items that had something else I am replused by, and I'm not repulsed by much. So then there was the salad bar, but they didn't have anything I could use as dressing.  So I went to Jimmy Johns and had my last sandwich with bread, and last bag of potato chips.


Not only that, but I was in complete shock at how EXPENSIVE everything was!  And by how many of the processed meat items (sausage, bacon, etc.), although grass fed and hormone free, had SUGARS in them.  So all I walked out of there with was ghee, coconut oil, cashew butter, kale chips, and beef jerky.  And with a $40 bill--OUCH!!


So, tonight it's a trip to the regular grocery store to try to find some actual FOOD to eat (meat, vegetables, and fruit).  And hopefully I can throw together some meals to get me through the first week.


Glad to be here!!

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I am also starting tomorrow!!! And I will not be shopping at Whole Foods. It is expensive!! But I love my local Farmer's Markets and am looking into a CSA. I will be shopping at my local grocery store for most of my foods but will have to go to a health food store, i.e. Sprouts, for my coconut flour.


Good luck!!!



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