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I did it!!!

I finished my Whole30 on July 5th, I am so proud of myself. Participating in this adventure is the best decision I have made in a really long time.

Indigestion gone, excema cleared up, athsma gone, snoring gone, plantar faciatis cleared up and I dropped 10 pounds.

So...I did what I wanted with my diet from July 5 til tonight, and I am over it...For the most part, I stayed somewhat compliant, one night we had burgers at a friend's UFC party, I had mine with no bun. I kept grains to the minimum, still drank coconut milk in my coffee. Then, I tried my FAVORITE oreos and milk, before whole 30 I would have downed half a bag of them. I ate two and thought that they tasted disgusting. Tonight I made spaghetti, one of my go to meals, I added a ton of veggies that I don't normally eat (when non compliant), but there was pasta, it was delicious, I'm not gonna lie, but UGH, I am bloated, indigestion like crazy. I have noticed that anytime I ate grains during these past few days I had tons of indigestion, discomfort, wheeziness, excema acting up, so not worth it.

With that, I hit the grocery store, did a big cook up for the week, and tomorrow I am back on the Whole30 wagon, I want to feel good, all the time, I figure I will do another 30 days, take a couple off, and re-evaluate.

Here's to my second Whole30.

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I looked all over this forum to see what others had tried on their first days off Whole30, but I didn't see much.

I pretty much decided to just go with my gut, I didn't crave anything like I thought I would, the one thing that I had to have was my grandmother's fried chicken. The lady is 94, she knows a thing or two about a chicken and it was AWESOME. Really other than trying a few things I just knew were going to be delicious, only to find my tastebuds have changed, I kept it pretty simple.

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