protein, fat, & gum (hmmm... coconut gum would be awesome!)


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Hi! I'm pretty familiar with paleo eating, since I've been eating mostly primally since January of this year. I'm starting the Whole30 and have three questions:


1. Protein: On the Vegetarian list, dairy (yogurt/kefir) is listed as an acceptable food, but this seems to be frowned upon in the general Whole30 plan. Why is this ok for vegetarians? Is it because we need animal-based protein? If I eat seafood occasionally, do I still need dairy-protein? (Sorry- that was more like 3 questions in 1 :P ).


2. Fat: The meal template has a recommended amount of fat per meal, but how many fats should we aim for in a meal? Can I have 1/2 avocado and 1/4 can of coconut milk in the same meal, for instance? Is there no set rule, basing the amount off of satiety?


3. Gum: Is it acceptable to chew gum after dinner while cleaning up in the kitchen, in order to avoid the temptation to snack/eat dessert? Or is gum yucky enough that it's not a good way to avoid over-eating?

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Hi beachchica


1. I think that it's because protein sources are so limited for vegos, so dairy is the least bad one that can be added back in. If you're a pescatarian, you should probably be following the rules for the standard Whole30.


2. Nope, it's 1-2 serves of fat in total - so if you're having 1 serve, that's half an avocado OR 1/4c coconut milk. If you're going for the upper end of the template, you could have both.


3. Again, no - gum is completely out for W30 - it's not about the content of the gum, it's about the physiological effect on the body of chewing - it expects food when you chew. Plus, it's not teaching you to listen to your body. You need to eat until you're FULL - if you're still thinking you could eat more, then eat a bigger meal.


Good luck :)

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Yogurt/kefir is banned in the general Whole30 plan, not frowned upon. The rules are different for vegetarians. The best Whole30 experience includes animal protein, but for those who do not eat animal protein, the Whole9 has created a version that is an improvement over many vegetarian diets. If you eat animal protein, you cannot select items from the vegetarian plan.

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