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Bucket List prep


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In late September, I'll cross off one of the biggest things on my Bucket List.  I'll go to Cuba.  Jeez, I couldn't even type that without a powerful rush of giddiness!


When I go, I hope I'll be:

As fully mentally present as possible.

Consistently well-rested with steady energy level throughout the day.

Calmly excited rather than Beatlemaniacally excited.


That pretty much describes exactly how I felt when I did my first W30 a couple months ago.  So I'm planning to do a W60 (possibly longer) starting July 1.  Reintroduction will focus on Cuban staples (excluding rum and cigars).


I'm keeping my expectations realistic.  Maybe what improved a lot last time will improve just a little, or not at all, this time around.  Maybe what didn't change much during my W30 will change quite a bit during a W60,  I expect the first week or so will suck and will be pleasantly surprised if it doesn't.  I won't turn down social events this summer.  I will say no thanks to drinks and everything except exceptionally meaningful foodstuffs like wedding cake.


So here I am again, and there's my plan.  I've shared it in a public space, so no turning back now!


Hasta julio.

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