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Brand spanking new and starting 1st July!


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Hi - I have been doing boxing training and weights for a while now ^_^ .....have seen good inch loss but have hit a plateau :angry: ...my trainer KEEPS telling me to cut out sugar  :blink: but i havent so its probably my own fault. ^_^ ..and I keep reading about Paleo and then I found about whole9/whole30 and I read it and Im in! :blink:

Im also a smilie addict hehehe :ph34r:


So any tips?!any one else starting on the 1st July? my diet is going to radically change eek! :o Plus I  want to be healthier, have even more energy ( altho I do have more than I used to) and just be healthier and eat less crap! :wub:


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I am also starting on July 1st. This is my first Whole30, though I gave up wheat and sugar last September. 

From my own experience I can say that giving up sugar was scary at first. I remember my hands shaking as I dumped all sorts of things from the pantry into a black trash bag. Because I didn't trust myself not to go back into the garbage for the unopened five pound bag of sugar I actually rinsed that down the drain. And then I worried that I just trashed my plumbing. (I didn't.) For the record, to date I've lost 64 pounds. Some things I learned:

1. It doesn't continue to suck as much as it sucks at first.

2. Spend more time planning for and thinking about the things you CAN have, and give that cooking the same loving attention you used to give the can'ts. 

3. Have a strategy for the old rituals. "I used to go out with this person and have X" Well you aren't having X now. Can you handle having something else, or do you need to take a break from the going out until you are stronger? These are the kinds of things you will have to decide. 


Know that it is about so much more than changing the size of your body, that the benefits are hard at work all the time that you are faithful to the elimination even if you can't quantify it at the moment. Every sugar free, processed food free day is an investment that pays pretty excellent returns of all sorts. And before long it gets just as easy to make the good decisions as it was to make the bad ones.

For me, the challenge will be leaving behind the dairy, but I'm doing the Whole30 because my dairy consumption had gotten out of control and my loss was slowing down. Its going to be awesome...for both of us!

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