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Want to start Whole30, Have Sports Competition in 23 days


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I am planning on starting a Whole30 tomorrow, both to reset my gut and my habits back to healthy.

However, I have concerns about the timing that I'm hoping someone can speak to.


I am a national level athlete (ultimate player), and am in the middle of my competitive season.


I have a regional competition on the weekend of July 13/14 that is rather important and that I want to be feeling good for. But if I start tomorrow, that would be on day 23 of my whole 30.


My competition weekend will consist of 4 games a day lasting about an hour and a half each. At the competition, I intend on fueling with sweet potato and baby food packets instead of my normal accel gels. 


I know there is usually a period of time that one doesn't feel amazing for. However, I usually eat pretty paleo (low on the grains). I have a smoothie addiction that I'm hoping this whole30 will help me with.  


Any thoughts on whether starting tomorrow is okay?

In terms of electrolytes, what is appropriate? I searched the forum but didn't find any info on an electrolyte powder that is Whole30 compliant.



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Hey there!  I think you would be fine to start tomorrow if you're already eating mostly clean. Keep track of how you feel during games and practices and maybe up your starcy veggies during those days to make sure your performance levels don't drop off. I think the cleaner your diet is to start with, the less severe the W30 side effects tend to be. Also, I am a runner... one fuel I have learned about is mixing mashed sweet potatoes with coconut milk and applesauce. I just started training for my next marathon and plan on using that. Plantain chips are another good option (I found a compliant brand at walmart, but I can't remember what the name was... in our walmart, it was in the produce section, close to where they have the natural dried fruits, nuts, etc).


As far as electrolytes, I am pretty sure that Endurolytes powder is compliant. I haven't tried it yet, but I searched their ingredients list online and found it to be compliant as far as I could tell.


Good luck with your W30!

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If nothing else, you can add REAL sea salt to your water (with a splash of lemon or fruit juice) and make your own 'rehydration drink.' Plenty of recipes online, and way easier than searching every ingredient list. :)


Edited to add: I live in Germany, where there is no air conditioner and it's been in the 90s for the last 3 days. I've found that I can add a small pinch of sea salt to my water and it's like I can feel the improvement, even if I can't taste it at all. It feels more refreshing, so I promise it works. I'm not doing any working out (other than sweating all day at work and at home) but I could tell I needed it.

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