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day 2 my meal am i on the right track?


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today is my day 2. I am trying to focus on 3 meals a day


this morning:


2 scrambled eggs, spinach and half pepper- cooked in bacon fat

2 slices bacon


1/4 avocado

black coffee



salmon with salad greens (dry)

1 apple

grape tomatoes



steak with onions and rest of my pepper from morning

1/2 avocado

dry salad


am i doing this right?


thanks for your help


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Agree with KJT. You could eat a LOT more fat. Dry salads sure don't sound appealing. And you could start adding starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes. Your breakfast is pretty small too, You should have as many eggs as you can hold in your hand. 3 meals a day is a good goal but not imperative. If you need a snack (mini-meal) or a 4th meal it's not terrible.

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