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day 2 my meal am i on the right track?


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today is my day 2. I am trying to focus on 3 meals a day


this morning:


2 scrambled eggs, spinach and half pepper- cooked in bacon fat

2 slices bacon


1/4 avocado

black coffee



salmon with salad greens (dry)

1 apple

grape tomatoes



steak with onions and rest of my pepper from morning

1/2 avocado

dry salad


am i doing this right?


thanks for your help


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Did you check your bacon ingredients to confirm no sugar?

Other than that, it looks like you have the basics down. Maybe make paleo mayo or other complaint homemade dressing to enjoy on your salad.  
- Is your protein 1-2 palm sizes?
- Are you having enough veggies? Shoot for 1-2 cups per meal.
- Are you feeling pleasantly full? That's a good gauge for whether you're having enough food.

What are you drinking besides coffee with/between your meals?

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thanks for your help


yes i found bacon with no added sugar.


All i drink is water throughout the day.


This morning i was hungry after 4 hours so i am thinking tomorrow maybe add a little fruit in with my breakfast?


Protein i aim for about 4-5 oz.

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If you are still hungry, I would look at bumping up your fats. It is ok to err on having a bit more fat then less. Perhaps olives, coconut milk or flakes (unsweetened), fattier cuts of meat or you could add winter squash, sweet potatoes, beets or other carb rich veg.

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A serving of eggs is as many as you can hold in your hand...I bet you can hold more than 2. 2 slices of bacon isn't really substantial enough to count as part of your protein serving, in my opinion. I'd also suggest you add some starchy vegetables like Spin mentioned. Not everyone does well on super low-carb diets.

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