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Help! Is there anything I can eat here?


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I'd go with the filet mignon.  Some places like to put butter on it before serving: tell them how you want it prepared.

Get some grilled or steamed veggies (no corn) on the side. If they grill, be sure it's in an acceptable cooking fat. Request a double-order of the veggies since you won't be getting the baked potato.


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Tried to load the menu.  I went to their website instead.


Alligator sausage?  Ask what is in it.


Salad without dressing:  spinach or crab salad


Burger without bun and ask if they cook it with any butter.


Grilled chicken from the chicken sandwich without bun if it isn't marinaded


raw oysters on half shell


The omelet without the cheese and fries?  I guess you need to get technical to see what they use to cook it in?  Olive oil?  Butter?


The 8 or 12 oz filet mignon without any sauces

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