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Traveling by plane - staying in a hotel - help please!

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So I am post Whole30, but trying to stick to Whole30 anyway.  The only changes I have made to the strict Whole30 plan is allowing the teeny tiny amount of sugar that is found in bacon, ketchup, and sausage, and I occasionally have a veggie smoothie.


We are traveling by plane to a wedding next week.  We will be there Wed-Mon and will have a car to go to the stores.  The hotel has a full fridge and a stove, but not an oven.


- Can you help me figure out what I should buy and bring?  I'm going to try to pack some spices and coconut oil and stuff like that so I don't have to buy those when I get there.  What else do you think I should pack?


- We have a long flight and a short layover.  What are some good foods for the plane?  I can't eat many nuts.  What do you think of some paleofied snacks for the plane such as muffins (almond meal, NO sugar/stevia/honey) or something like that?  Just for the plane.  If you think some paleofied things are okay  for just this purpose, can you think of anything else that I should make?


I'm thinking of the following for the plane:

- paleo muffins (almond meal, dates, banana, carrots, eggs, and walnuts)

- fruit and nuts

- larabar

- HB eggs (the other passengers will love me)

- deli meat from Whole Foods


I'm thinking of bringing:

- cinnamon

- sea salt

- pepper

- coconut oil


I'm thinking of the following meals for the trip:

- eggs, bacon/sausage, peppers, onions, mushrooms

- ground beef and tomato sauce with mushrooms and zucchini

- salad and deli meat (from Whole Foods) with avocado, HB egg

- grass fed hot dogs or burger, sweet potato "fries", salad

- chicken of some sort, veggies,, and avocado

- some fruit, some nuts, coconut milk


I'll have leftovers too since I know we'll be eating out a lot.  Speaking of which, I have not eaten out at a restaurant since starting Whole30.  It was too hard to find restaurants where I could be sure I was 100% compliant.  I don't have to be 100% compliant since I already finished my Whole30, but I want to try to be as close as physically possible.  Can you tell me what the lesser of the evils are when I order food?  Should I worry more about hidden sugars or unknown oils/seasonings?  I've found that the hardest thing with eating out was the "bad" oils in things or hidden sugars.  Should I not worry about this much and just do the best I can?


Thanks for reading my long post and for helping me out. :)

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My hubby and I travel a lot and have done Paleo/Dukan/Atkins in the past, so we have a little experience eating out while traveling. It's a real challenge to stay totally "clean" when you must eat at restaurants, or pick up food at the grocery store and try to put something together to eat in a hotel room. 

We usually stick to grilled steaks, pork chops, or fish. Nearly every restaurant offers grilled or steamed seasonal veggies with their meals. Salads can be ordered with just oil and vinegar dressing. Ask for olive oil for your salad, no croutons, no cheese, no sugar used in cooking at all. We make it sound like we have some dire health issue, like sugar or flour or dairy will kill us (which it will!) and we nearly always end up with a great, healthy meal.

A real treat for us is to go to a TexMex restaurant and order fajitas without the tortillas and other no-no's, such a cheese, beans, sour cream, etc. You will get a big dish of steaming hot beef or chicken fajitas with grilled onions and bell peppers. Our local Mexican restaurant makes fresh guacamole right at the table, with ingredients you direct them to put in it while they are mixing! 


When you sit down and they take your drink order, immediately say "no bread"! I promise it gets easier the more you say it!


We go on motorcycle rides a lot, and I will order deli meats cut really thick, like 1/2", and chop it into cubes for our little ice chest. Along with fresh veggies from the prepared section of the grocery store (the ones that have the cup of Ranch dressing? Toss that out!), some fresh fruit and some nuts, you are good!


It just feels so good to make good choices and still enjoy life the way we always have! And all those crazy cravings for cookies and chips while traveling will disappear! I found, when we are eating clean, that we enjoy the journey much more when we are not scouting out places to get junk food!


I saw that a brand of beef jerky has been endorsed by Whole 30, it might be work looking into that!

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Thank you for your thoughtful response.  I appreciate it.  :)  I'm making some beef jerky today and am going to boil some eggs and pack some fruit and nuts.  I'm feeling a little less stressed about the whole thing.  I read the book again and the Whole9 blog and I feel more confident.  Thanks. 

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I travel a lot too, just got back from Vegas, and I feel that beef, like steaks or fish are a bit "safer" than chicken. Dry grilled or steamed (for the fish!), unless they use olive or even canola oil. My go to is a Cobb salad without the dressing, cheese or bacon, and sub beef for the chicken. Usually it has a smallish piece of beef, plus a hardboiled egg to make up for the smallness of the beef, AND olive/avocado, which give fat, which is the hardest thing I've found to find! But don't be afraid to ask questions in a restaurant, just be super polite and tip well! 

Also, poached eggs for breakfast, these are boiled and usually "safe"! Most places will sub fruit for potatoes, and some will give you sliced tomatoes or other veggies for the toast!

If you eat fish, sashimi at a sushi place with no sauce. A lot of places will offer a "sashimi salad" with fish, cucumbers, other greens, avocados, roe, etc. I'd suggest asking for no dressing! 


When eating out, I tend to avoid all sauces (except for oil and vinegar) because I already have to ask about the oil and the meat, I'm afraid to press my luck too far!


I bought the small ziploc containers that hold like 1/2 cup and would bring my own coconut milk or oil/vinegar to restaurants as needed in my purse! I even pre-slice avocados in the peels and take them too! 


Shelf stable things we packed: Jerky, nuts, salmon pouches, canned crab, sardines, lemons/limes, coconut milk, larabars, organic fruit leathers (used very sparingly!). 


Under the resources tab on the whole 9 site, there's a travel guide. I printed it out and took it with me!

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I was traveling to Turkey a few weeks ago and I was determined not to eat plane food as well as stay on whole 30 diet. I ended up finding so much food to take with me on the plane that some of it we had to throw away when we got there. I thought I would share the list, hope this will be helpful.

Hard boiled eggs

Container if whole foods guacamole


Baby carrots

Smoked and cooked salmon (sealed in plastic)

Container of strawberries and blackberries

Raw cashews

Coconut flakes (the large flakes that serve as a great snack when your watching a movie on the plane)

Fresh veggies cut up (bell pepper, cucumber, zucchini)

2 small containers of sesame dressing (tahini, sesame oil, coconut aminos). I put them in a couple of dressing containers from whole foods.

Lunch meat: roast beef and turkey (we wrapped the veggies in the lunch meat and dipped in sesame dressing)

It was the best plane ride ever!

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I just spent three days at seminars with no access to anything during the day. I packed banana bread from covilized caveman, hard boiled eggs, tuna in a can.'c got sauce, canned puréed sweet potato, and some compliant jerky I had. I lived out of a cooler for three days on all this. Oh and breakfast one day I had an egg sausage veggie scramble I just ate cold. Andes there were a few hail mary macaroons

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