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Kohlrabi. It's a root vegetable that looks more like a green alien baby, but there was a recipe for it in my vegetarian cookbook.


If you cut all the green around it and shave the white parts really thin,

top it with high quality sea salt and course ground pepper

fresh thyme

2 Tsps of high quality olive oil

juice of 1/2 lemon


It's delicious. Crunchy like an apple but the other stuff balances out the radish-like quality. It makes a great summery side salad. If you buy the kohlrabi from the farmers market, it'll likely come with big leafy greens. Just remove the spine and make the leaves like you would kale chips. 

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I love, love, love kohlrabi!  This year we are growing 16 as opposed to our usual 8 because we love them so much.  Both raw and cooked are delicious.  I have never tried them with thyme though, will plan to make this on first harvest.  Thanks for sharing!

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