Second Breakfast?

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So, apprarently figuring out how much to eat at a meal is an issue right now.  I'm about 2.5 hours post-breakfast and hungry.  Lunch is going to be delayed till at least 2pm today.


For breakfast I had more of the sausage/sweet potato hash I had yesterday.  I added about 1/4 cup coconut milk to creamy it up and add fat.  I now realize I should have added some veggies to my plate.  I took out the breakfast fruit, and didn't replace it.  My bad.


So, my solution is to have another portion of breakfast, along with a few olives, to get me through to the later lunch (and eat more tomorrow).  And yes, I'll eat some veggies too.


Is that good?

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Worked great.  Ate lunch around 2 like I planned and had no trouble feeling hungry, even when my 20 yo decided he needed to get pizza while we were out, and the kids ate it in front of me.  I was fine waiting till we got home.


And I think I solved my not wanting to cook a ton of stuff in the morning--I made enough veggies for lunch that I have leftovers for breakfast.

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