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Whole 30 in the Big City (Portland, OR)

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Hi Everyone!

Tomorrow starts my second attempt at the Whole 30. The last time I tried it I was living in a small town in Illinois where not only did I not have a lot of access to the right kinds of food -- I was also dealing with depression in a very serious way. I was always very motivated to start eating right, to change my life... But by day 10 it would prove to be too much of a burden.

Today, I am recently relocated to a wonderful city with CHOICES! Not just choices in food, but choices in products that treat animals humanely too! I am also off BOTH of my anti-depressants... But starting a masters program in 4 short days. My life is full of very positive things right now --- with a little stress and anxiety (but who doesn't have that?)

I have been married a little over a year. In that time I have gained an additional 30 lbs. At the time of my wedding I felt like I had 60 lbs to lose. So I guess that means I'd like to lose about 90 lbs now. But at this point it's not just about the weight. In essence, weight is just a number. It's about how I feel both mentally and physically. It's about my health! I'd love to be back around the *number* I was when I entered college... But I honestly don't think a number is what will define my happiness. Not feeling so paranoid in public about the way I look and the way others perceive me is a big goal of mine. I never really was one to feel attacked by what other people thought of me (or better yet, what I thought others were thinking of me). But being overweight and unhealthy has made me unhappy in social situations. Always sensitive as to how I fit into the room.

I just realized that I'm starting to use this introduction as a blog entry so I'm actually going to end it here and realize that I have a lot of self reflection to do. But I want to thank all of you in advance. I know I will gain a lot of perspective from you all and I could honestly use all the support I can get.

Good luck on all of your own journeys as well!

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