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Estrogen dump? Wacky cycles?


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So I am post Whole30, but still 99% Whole30 compliant.  The only exceptions are some veggie smoothies with compliant food, sausage that happens to have a wee bit of sugar in it, and regular ketchup.  I finished my first Whole30 June 3. 


My period came a bit early, but only by a day or two.  It was normal.  That was June 1.  I have not ovulated yet and I always ovulate by day 16-17 of my cycle.  I have charted my cycle for 7 years.  I ALWAYS ovulate.  There have been two times I have not ovulated.  Both months were when a doc was trying me on supplemental estrogen.  It made me not ovulate.


My basal temperatures are much, much lower than normal.  I have Hashimoto's so low temps often mean my thyroid is low.  I do have some symptoms of low thyroid, but I'm hanging in there.

In trying to figure it all out, I was researching and came across some information suggesting you can have high estrogen after losing weight rapidly because it's stored in the fat cells and when they are released, you get a dump of estrogen into your system.  I am 5'7"ish and started at 150.5 and lost 11 lbs in just over a month.  I would classify that as rapid weight loss. 


Estrogen binds thyroid hormones too which could mean I have less active and available thyroid hormones to use.  That could explain the low body temps and some low thyroid symptoms. 


Anyone heard of this or experience it?

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Fwiw, I am on Day 21 of my first Whole30 and not only did my period start on Day 21 (Day 14 of the Whole30) of my cycle (I am generally on a 28/30 day cycle), it has been extremely heavy. The woozy, lightheaded and having to get up in the night kind of heavy. I assumed it was my hormones rebalancing but I certainly hope it isn't my new normal. It is unpleasant, to say the least.

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Try increasing your carbs. The thyroid needs them to function properly, particularly if it runs low. If you're feeling signs of being low, might be a good place to start. Low body temp and lack of ovulation is exactly what happens to me, too, and a few days with extra carbs almost always brings the temps back up and I eventually start ovulation again. I eventually had to increase my dose slightly.

Might not be your issue, but it's certainly worth playing around with. Good luck!

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