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Are Amrap Nutrition bars Whole30 approved?


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It is not just the honey that is a problem in this bar. It is made with egg white protein powder. No protein powder is okay. Even if the bars were made with compliant ingredients - and they are not - they are not appropriate choices during a Whole30. Anything that comes in a wrapper is a problem. We want you to eat real, whole food. Stuff that spoils when it gets old. Not processed stuff. We are asking you to make a paradigm shift and these bars are the kind of stuff we want you to leave behind.


EDIT from MH: Actually, since we changed the rules back in early 2012 from "no processed foods" to "no processed foods with carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites," 100% egg white protein powder is acceptable on the program - not encouraged, but acceptable. It's just dried egg whites, so as long as it doesn't contain any additives or sweeteners, that's not the problem. Tom is right on the other stuff, though.

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