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Day 2...NUTS


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Good Morning everyone, or should I stay good evening. I get so confused sometimes with time differences. Anyway, Day 2 wasn't too terrible. My only complaint is the nightly munchies. I like to make my tummy nice and full at night and then pass out, all warm and cozy. Yeah my big giant raw tuna and avacodo salad didn't really give me that satisfastion, so I had a few almonds, thinking that may stop the cravings. Not really a good idea, because it turns out self control around nuts is very limited. I literally had to throw away have the can to keep myself from reaching for more. Hmmm, perhaps I won't be buying nuts for awhile becasue they litterally make me nuts. Don't even get me started on nut butters.


I'm starting Day 3, and its Friday, smoothie Friday where I work at, so no more smoothies for this gal, its really way too much fruit, and they even through in a sugar packet. Darn...I did really look forward to those. This day should'nt be too terrible, I just need to avoid the drink vending machines that are every where on base and on the Island. Japananse really must love their drinks, because there's at least one every 10 feet, and even in dark random alleys. I've come accustomed to drinking the cold coffees they have in those vending machines, ummm they're super delicious, or they're teas are killer awesome. I never really know whats in them or how many calolries though since its all in kanji!


So the goals for today...stay clear of nuts, smoothies, and don't be tempted by the shinny vending machines. I got this.


Take care everyone!


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