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When an ingredients list includes "herbs" and "spices"

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I have two bottles of dip mix, one is called Louisiana Hot and Spicy and the other is Lemon Dilly. They both list, under ingredients, the general terms of spices and herbs. What are these likely to be, and would they likely contain ingredients in violation of Whole30?


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It would be interesting to know if it is legal to fold MSG under "herbs and spices," for example.  I suppose I could google that...hmmm....looks like that answer is no, in that ADDED MSG must be disclosed, but not naturally occurring forms ie in yeast and other ingredients.


re MSG: 



re spices:



see also:


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Companies can get away with purchasing a 3rd part "spices" pack and not have to list ingredients like MSG and label it "Spices."


That being said, I have had foods with "spices"during Whole 30's with no problem.


I like Tom's suggestion of seeing how you feel afterward.

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